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“Everything Is the Nuts” December 17, 2007: If anyone can figure out how to send Jane back to 1949 to see MoMA’s exhibition of “Italian pictures,” which gave Wallace Stevens a bad case of ennui, please send instructions care of this comment box. I thought I would take the opportunity to point out that the museum seemed to be in a lull a month before their 20th-anniversary show [...] by

Versions of Songs, Versions of Weariness December 17, 2007: Alicia’s post in tribute to Edward Thomas’s “The Owl” moved me. Especially so since it came after a terrible experience in a shopping outlet. My four-year-old and I were looking for snow boots and while we shared a sandwich in a packed food court I realized that I was only just starting to hear the pounding music in the backdrop: [...] by

Visual Poetics 03 December 15, 2007: ----------------- "William Tell: A Novel" by Steve McCaffery ----------------- "William Tell: A Novel" constitutes one of the limit-cases of narrative. When I teach poetics to my students, I often ask them what minimum quantity of text might qualify as a novel, and usually they cite a number above 8,000 words, with a precocious respondent going [...] by

The Owl December 15, 2007: We’ll be spending Christmas in Greece this year, about which I have mixed feelings. Christmas is not a big holiday in Greece or the Eastern church generally, which has its upside (a little less commercialism, though that is changing every year). Easter is what Greeks do best. So I guess I am more inclined to homesickness of a sort. There are [...] by

Visual Poetics 02 December 15, 2007: ----------------- Page 4 from Flatland by Derek Beaulieu Information as Material, 2007 ----------------- Flatland by Derek Beaulieu constitutes a translation of the science-fiction novella Flatland by the Victorian, political satirist, E. A. Abbott (who depicts a 2D-universe, inhabited by a society of polygons, all of whom remain oblivious to [...] by

More Nude Formalism December 14, 2007: Carmine Starnino has entered the fray of our discussion about formalism by offering a spirited rebuttal to some of my provocations, doing so via his commentary to a posting by Ange Mlinko. Starnino claims to regret having published his negative comments about my book Eunoia, because his review has provided me with "lots of stuffing" for the "straw [...] by

enormous snowstorms at the last minute December 14, 2007: We had an enormous snowstorm yesterday in the greater Boston area. We I didn't handle it perfectly, but our family got home safely in the end-- and our little guy, while still no fan of snow, may even have ceased to hate his new, cute snowsuit. The storm also got me thinking about the representation, in poems recent and not-so-recent, of really [...] by

Interview with the Sonnet December 14, 2007: Our special guest today is the sonnet. No stranger to controversy, gender bending, political debate, the tug-of-war between the avant garde and the retrograde, the sonnet again finds herself a topic of discussion. Her Sophia Loren Italian incarnation is top-heavy and wasp-waisted. When showing her English-rose side, she can seem a little more [...] by

And Songsongsonglessness December 14, 2007: Here’s an unusual little book from my shelf. I say unusual because it’s the winner of the Bordighera Poetry Prize for a book whose author is of Italian descent. The prize includes an honorarium, publication, and the promise that the winning manuscript will be published in a bilingual edition, face to face with its Italian translation. It [...] by

UbuWeb – New Additions : Late Fall 2007 December 13, 2007: UbuWeb All Avant-Garde All The Time - UbuWeb Podcast #2: Produced by The Poetry Foundation, UbuWeb is pleased to announce the second in its podcast series, focusing on Ubu's hidden treasures. As the site has grown so large, these occasional audio guides might shed some light on things you may have overlooked, forgotten about or simply never knew [...] by