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Hevenyssh December 16, 2008: Like the growth of crystals: a formative will and the impossibility of adopting any other mode. Comme le développement de cristaux: une volonté de formation, et une impossibilité de se former autrement que d’une manière. from "Faune et Flore", Francis Ponge, trans. Margaret Guiton As doth an hevenyssh perfit creature, That down were sent [...] by

The Life and Opinions of DJ Spinoza December 15, 2008: I have been waiting for Eugene Ostashevsky’s The Life and Times of DJ Spinoza ever since I saw his ribald virtuosic performance five years ago in some obscure midtown gallery. Yes, let me repeat that: He didn’t read. He performed. He even (and beware the white male poet who dares to rap before a podium) rapped. The rapping was 1.5 [...] by

Faits Divers de la Poesie Americaine et Britannique, December 14, 2008: an anonymous blog inspired by Félix Fénéon’s Nouvelles en trois lignes: In the middle of a reading, the last on his Bretagne tour, M. Antin caught fire. This was at the beach house of Mme Scalapino and family, in the middle of a long sentence. “His reputation as a literary figure is forever assured,” said Mme Perloff, in tears. According [...] by

Set aside December 12, 2008: Last weekend, walking along this beach, I wondered about all the bad poems and paintings this landscape has inspired. It's the Suffolk coast between Walberswick and Dunwich (a dangerously "poetic" place because most of it fell into the sea)*. I once sat on a judging panel for a poetry prize when, exhausted by how much was out there, we began to [...] by

Cunnilingus in North Korea December 12, 2008: (still from Paul Chan's video) I just noticed poetryfoundation’s video podcast section, which reminds me of Claudia Rankine's video essays. Poets expanding into multi-media collaborations are few and far between. Unfortunately, from the handful of collaborations I have seen, art becomes mere illustration to the poetry or the poetry becomes [...] by

The Gracefully Over-Ambitious December 11, 2008: The Machine Project is a little storefront gallery in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. It recently got some national attention for helping to take over the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, but anyone familiar with the wildly imaginative curators and artists involved with Machine know that the LACMA story was just one of many. It's a [...] by

Flarf vs. Conceptual Writing 2 December 11, 2008: Flarf: Conceptual Writing: Thanks Brian Stefans! by

2008 American Book Awards December 11, 2008: The Before Columbus Foundation announces Winners of the Twenty-Eighth Annual AMERICAN BOOK AWARDS Moustafa Bayoumi, How Does It Feel to Be a Problem? Being Young and Arab in America (The Penguin Press) Douglas A. Blackmon, Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II (Doubleday) Nora Marks [...] by

Booze, Bling, and the Home Video Review of Books December 10, 2008: Coldfront Magazine, a poetry review revue and aggregator of online verse edited by Graeme Bezanson, John Deming, and Melinda Wilson, has an occasional feature called Poets Off Poetry, described as "where poets talk about what they're listening to, and its sometimes ancillary results." The essays serve as a kind of "Real Life Top Ten" for [...] by

Write This Way December 9, 2008: A while back, I received an email soliciting a poem for a webzine I'd never heard of, but new journals sprout up all the time, some of them even good, and I almost always contribute when asked by an editor. After a week, however, she wrote that she could not print my piece because, well, she had an aversion to certain words. I told her, "Don't [...] by