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The Best Poetry of the Year December 11, 2009: The best books of the last year of the decade, as picked by the staff of Poetry magazine and poetryfoundation.org: Chinese Apples, New and Selected Poems W. S. Di Piero Knopf City Dog: Essays W. S. Di Piero Northwestern University Press Christian Wiman, Editor, Poetry Magazine: Di Piero, both as a poet and a prose [...] by

Women of the Avant-Garde December 10, 2009: [Karen Finley by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders] Women of the Avant Garde, Part 1 (MP3) Women of the Avant Garde, Part 2 (MP3) UbuWeb is pleased to present two special podcasts devoted to the fabulous works done by women on UbuWeb. Featured artists include: Alison Knowles, Louise Lawler, Shelley Hirsch, Lauren Lesko, Forough Farrokhzad, [...] by

Found text #1: Life just got life-ier… December 9, 2009: This is a 2-part (or multi-part, considering the amount of territory to cover) discussion about interior monologues and found-text as resource. Posed as a series of questions to writers whose work is rooted in the rearranging of found (web-specific) content. I'm interested in the value of ownership, where does the world you're in settle into your [...] by

Last Night, A Dream. December 8, 2009: I’m floating in a Hawaiian ocean, belly up to the Trade Winds.  Hands up over my head.  Eyes closed.  Cocooned in the Pacific salinity.  The sun is the most attentive lover.  I can hear nothing under.  I feel everything above.  The current begins to calm.  I wonder if I’ve drifted too far off shore.  I open my eyes and look back to [...] by

New Blank Document December 7, 2009: I remember being lazy and stupid and nonetheless curious. I remember the Optionists, the Actualists, the Pre-Born Bag of Chipists, the Expos, and the Typing Wild Speechists. I remember white roaches, making myself puke, digging through trash for empty cartons to fill with hydrant sprinkler water, letting myself be bit by a toothless dog at age [...] by

Learning to Teach/Teaching to Learn December 6, 2009: Last weekend my son announced that his 6th grade class was about to start a poetry unit. I thought I knew what this meant, having done guest spots in my kids’ classes since they were in nursery school. So, I asked my son to give me some lead-time to arrange my schedule for a visit. But this year would be different, I quickly learned. [...] by

Poets: Really, they’re the laziest, stupidest people I know. December 4, 2009: The following words are from Christian Bök, responding during a Q&A session  at Kelly Writers House, UPenn, November 18, 2009: "I think that my poetics makes it viable for me to excuse a whole variety of obsessive compulsive disorders. It's not Asperger syndrome; it's not a bug, it's a feature. Half the battle of being a poet is [...] by

Reading habits, part III December 4, 2009: This post (one resists the temptation to begin “This post-up” and imagine the electronic void one writes into playing zone defense) is part III because I think the fabulous set of comments to my previous post constitutes “Reading habits, part II”, with Gloria Frym’s lecture transcription especially taking care (care!) of any number of [...] by

Can “Experimental” Poetry Save the Earth? December 2, 2009: In his essay "Vermin: a Notebook", the Australian poet John Kinsella writes that without acts of resistance, "the environment has no chance." This seems obvious enough. The way things are going, the earth (or at the very least, life on it) is in danger of being irreparably damaged by humanity's heedless gobbling of resources. Resistance [...] by