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Marianne Moore in the Village Voice December 2, 2009: During my happy days working in the arts department of the Village Voice, I discovered this previously unknown letter by Marianne Moore in one of the paper’s earliest issues: To the Jasmine's Kitten contest editor: Dear Madam: I think I should have him because I think her [sic] would like to have me. But if I win him, please give him [...] by

Jerome December 1, 2009: by

Reading habits, part I November 30, 2009: Have been repeatedly making failed attempts at charting my reading habits in order to detect patterns and write about those patterns on this here blog with the hope that writing about the patterns will change them. What I’m finding is they change if I give any consciousness to their identification. For instance, I begin to think I am out of [...] by

A/Musing: On Creativity November 28, 2009: Part I. She entered with a flourish – a leather suit, staccato stilettos, and a hand-held computer device with which she may have been commanding the International Space Station. No time for bullshit. To be fair, there wasn’t much time. Last week was Parent-Teacher Conferences and, in all, I talked with around 100 parents [...] by

Here away from there… November 26, 2009: my likely set of eyes, hovering flotsam over gene pool. just checking on my connection. whether that needs some juice or maybe a bit of interference. overseas on a trip for my day job. the scattered eloquent float along their snaked catchery. did you ever wonder how day jobs make you focus on the mirror you use to catch your droppings. better yet, [...] by

Tales of Evil Kitty November 25, 2009: The Museum of Modern Art here in Nu Yawk has a small exhibit on Manhattan’s downtown music scene during the late seventies and early eighties up at the moment, and I found myself strolling through it with various family members last week.  Some interesting materials are to be found in the show, particularly on the video side, though it has a [...] by

lost poets and found poetry in washington, d.c. November 24, 2009: [caption id="attachment_6519" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="                                         "][/caption] (Photo Credit: Thomas Sayers Ellis) I’m good at getting lost. A few years ago, living in a French town so small even its residents had barely heard of it, I lost my way at least once a week. I was [...] by

Miller November 24, 2009: by

How a murderer sleeps. November 22, 2009: Marin County, California. My sister lives in Fairfax California and my Father was there visiting her and her kids. I was in San Francisco for a poetry show, but decided to stay at the same hotel with my dad outside of the city so I could visit with the whole family as well.  Dad got us two rooms at the Marriott Villas, which is a fancy term [...] by

Singing the Blues November 21, 2009: I love blues music -- singing the blues, listening to the blues. That's why I was so excited to get a call from my friend Pierre Lacocque, a wicked blues harp player and the band leader of Mississippi Heat. Pierre asked me to work on lyrics for the band's new album -- and I couldn't pass up the chance. I had a blast working with Pierre [...] by