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Gary Soto Literary Museum dedicated to the hard work of writing December 29, 2010: Fresno City College is expected to open the Gary Soto Literary Museum in February, the first ever such facility dedicated to a living writer according to the American Association of Museums. Soto attended the school and grew up in Fresno, and though he currently lives in the Bay Area, his ties to his home city and alma mater remain [...] by

If poetry’s in your genes, put some genes in your poetry December 29, 2010: Have all of the 580,000 locations in your genome been itching to go to the Personalized World Medicine Conference? 23andme, the company that maps your DNA when you mail them a box of saliva, is hosting a poetry contest to get you there. Chances are good that if you're passionate enough about genetic medicine to want to attend, you won't have any [...] by

Reading and FEELING with Chuck McCarthy December 29, 2010: Since 2008, comedian Chuck McCarthy has been providing the world with ideas for inventions he will never make. He reveals his poetic side in this video, though he doesn't get much further with his poetry than he's gotten with any of his inventions. Inspired by the classics (Poe, Frost.... Poe and Frost), his kitchen and The Sugar Hill Gang, [...] by

Merry Christmas! December 24, 2010: by

More Christmas lights are not the answer December 22, 2010: Need something to keep yourself going through the long, dark winter? The Guardian is here to help you turn that seasonal affective disorder upside down. Accompanying a post on why so many writers choose to work at night, the "Darkness in Literature" quiz tests your knowledge of all things nocturnal in poetry and prose and just might make [...] by

Navigating the Whale of Amherst December 22, 2010: Nick Montfort and Stephanie Strickland first began working on Sea and Spar Between a year ago, expecting that their poetry generator would take only a few days to complete. Now published on Dear Navigator a year later, Sea and Spar Between "defines a space of language populated by a number of stanzas comparable to the number of fish in the sea, [...] by

Getting What You Asked For December 22, 2010: What? You didn't ask for a recording of Jean Baudrillard singing his poems with musical accompaniment? Sure you did! That's how the market works. Supply and demand. From Ubu: Unbelievable but true! Baudrillard recites his poetry backed up by an all star band featuring Tom Watson, Mike Kelley, George Hurley, Lynn Johnston, Dave Muller and Amy [...] by

Train of Tears December 22, 2010: The New York Times blog continues its coverage of the end of Train of Thought, the subway placard series which prominently displayed literary quotations between ads for accident lawyers and laser acne removal. Today they've published a few comments from readers and subway-goers who are sad to see the series go, such as this from college student [...] by

Poetry less dense than fruitcake, still just as bad December 22, 2010: Thanks to the ease of changing an article's headline online, sometimes editors leave traces of their true feelings in the URL. Tampa Bay Online brings us a sublimely terrible collection of fruitcake-inspired haiku entered in this year's Mrs. Harvey's White Fruitcake Haiku Contest. Entitled, upon first glance, "Fruitcake inspires poets from Tampa [...] by

Why writers won’t surrender to the electronic paper trail December 22, 2010: Besides reading James Somers' essay in The Atlantic, you can play back and review the entire process of writing it here. Long before word processors overwrote each step on the way to a final product, T.S. Eliot's meticulous "versioning" of "The Waste Land" allowed scholars to peer into the writer's process when all of the drafts, notes, and [...] by