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Life Studies by Robert Lowell revisited April 30, 2010: I have known for years that Life Studies is one of Robert Lowell's most important books and a classic of confessional poetry, but I had never actually sat down and read it from cover to cover. That's one benefit of teaching: it forces me to sit and read books closely. Life Studies is a fascinating book, for a number of reasons: 1. We see Lowell [...] by

I saved my most impersonal post for last. April 30, 2010: He came to live with his brother. He has a very big dog. He knows how to ride a bike. He wanted to find a job. He wanted to talk to his boss. He went to the post office. His wife is at work right now. His wife worked in the house. I am too busy to talk today. I bought a blue car today. I came to _______ (city) today for my interview. I count the [...] by

Oye Poeta! April 30, 2010: Was traveling today and just wanted to send off a quick and humble so long before the month is gone. It's been a true honor to swim with you all this month. A thank you to Travis Nichols for inviting me. I felt the experiment of blogs without a comment-stream, without immediate responses to obstruct the flow, created a continual fountain of [...] by

The secret to managing is to keep the ones who hate you away from the ones who are undecided April 30, 2010: "And truly, had not the duty I owe unto the importunity of friends, and the allegiance I must ever acknowledge unto truth, prevailed with me, the inactivity of my disposition might have made these sufferings continual, and time, that brings other things to light, should have satisfied me in the remedy of its oblivion.  But because things [...] by

Iraqi Poetry Today–and more… April 30, 2010: As I deployed to Iraq as an Army sergeant late in 2003, I stuffed an anthology of poems (Iraqi Poetry Today; King’s College, London, 2003) into my rucksack. I never would have guessed that within a couple of years I would meet one of the authors whose work was in the anthology—the amazing poet Dunya Mikhail. I also could never have guessed [...] by

Nonsite Collective (Redistributing Poetic Effort part II) April 30, 2010: I first "happened" upon the Nonsite Collective in the summer of 2007 when I was in residency at the Headlands Art Centre near Sausalito, California. I called up some of my friends, asked if they'd be interested in getting together for dinner, and was invited to what was described as a "semi-formal meeting" at Jocelyn Saidenberg's house. It just [...] by

Stealing Back… April 30, 2010: If you go to the Amazon.com site to purchase Stacey Lynn Brown’s first book of poetry, you may not notice a slight difference between the title printed on the book cover and the title as it’s listed on the Amazon page. What may at first glance seem a subtle difference I think speaks to a larger issue in the contemporary American poetic [...] by

Harriet as Facebook News Feed April 30, 2010: With so many poets posting on Harriet in April, it has resembled a Facebook News Feed. There’s been too little time to read all of them and even less time to promote them. So here’s a cheat sheet of Tweets: Pensive Poet Records Jack Lemmon Impersonators Be There. SF City Hall, May 1, 11 am. Repeal SB 1070 Ancient Cucumber [...] by

Oh, Kwame Dawes, I was Just Thinking About You April 30, 2010: One of my students talked about you in class on Wednesday. A white girl at a fancy university claimed you as a poetic ancestor. Spoke eloquently of her affection for your poems and your energy and your work. She wants to be like you. I think she will be. Her energy and drive and love are irrepressible. And yet, despite the ray of light that is [...] by

A few words and poems: Mairead Byrne April 30, 2010: SUMMER HOURS At sundown men in loose powder-blue overalls come in a white city truck and unfurl tarps stashed between the bars of the wrought-iron fence and nudge them up and out over the park occluding the darkening saturated sky, making a sky beneath the sky, a darker place through which they feel their way back, by smell, by touch, to [...] by