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Rare Recording of Kathy Acker Surfaces December 21, 2011: And it's over here at UbuWeb. Here's a snippet of Simon Strong's remembrances: So the next day or so, Kathy went into a local studio and read pretty much the set she did for the spoken word club. I think it was mostly early versions of stuff from a forthcoming work titled 'Pussy'. I remember I was laid up with shocking flu. I [...] by

Prominent Israeli Arab Poet Salem Jubran Dies December 21, 2011: According to HAARETZ.com: Israeli Arab poet and journalist Salem Jubran died Sunday at his home in Nazareth at the age of 71. He was laid to rest in his hometown yesterday. Born in 1941 in the Galilee village of Peki'in, Jubran published three books of poetry, the last of which appeared about 30 years ago. Poet Marwan Makhoul said [...] by

“it’s voice that makes the speaker memorable”: A Review of Five Collections of Poetry December 21, 2011: Using the above-mentioned statement as his organizing principle, Dana Jennings at the NY Times wrote this group review of poetry collections by Bao Phi, Roberto Bolano, Simon Armitage, David Budbill, and Don Marquis. Here's the short intro. The rest can be found here. In poetry — as in calling ballgames — it’s voice that makes [...] by

Canada Gets Their Poet Laureate December 21, 2011: We recently reported that Canada needed a Poet Laureate. Well, they got one! According to this article from the Winnipeg Free Press, Fred Wah will hold the position. Saskatchewan-born writer Fred Wah has been appointed as the new parliamentary poet laureate. Wah is the fifth poet to hold the office. He replaces Pierre DesRuisseaux, [...] by

Smart Piece at Jacket2: Robert Dewhurst Connects Dorothea Lasky to Penny Arcade December 20, 2011: Jacket2 is firing on all cylinders right into the New Year, having published a piece yesterday (originally printed in ON: Contemporary Practice) by Robert Dewhurst--Wild Orchids and Satellite Telephone--about the work of current Harriet Tweety bird Dorothea Lasky. He cuts to the chase, and in affective prose here: Because her poems so [...] by

“The barking web of image and word”: Jane Alison on Anne Carson’s NOX December 20, 2011: The Millions' "A Year in Reading" series is a nice antidote to the many lists that proliferate this time of year. Instead of throwing out ten titles with little reflection, a single reader/writer narrows in on just one or two books, in some depth, that defined their year. For instance: author Jane Alison writes beautifully about Anne Carson's [...] by

The Poetry Foundation staff’s favorite books of 2011 December 20, 2011: We read a lot of poetry here at the Poetry Foundation, though there never quite seems to be enough time to read everything we hoped to back in January. 2011 proved to be an exceptionally daunting year in this respect since there were so many great books published and reissued, but we did what we could. Here, then, in no particular order, are [...] by

McSweeney’s to Start Poetry Imprint December 20, 2011: Tess Taylor, at Poets & Writers, wrote this feature on McSweeney's, who are set to make their first foray into poetry publishing. This winter McSweeney’s Books is carving out a home for poetry. After making a name for itself in independent-press circles with its stylish, smart books of fiction, children’s literature, and food [...] by

The Final Word On Poetry Lover Gift Ideas December 20, 2011: We've done our best keeping up on all the different holiday sales by different presses and journals and the like. It's hard work. That's why we're thankful for Ana Božičević and Amy King for compiling this kickass list over at the PEN Blog. Thanks! by

Katha Pollitt on Christopher Hitchens December 20, 2011: Poet and critic Katha Pollitt remembers Poetry magazine contributor Christopher Hitchens in a recent post for the Nation, providing a balance to a lot of the misty-eyed eulogizing of the past few days. She allows that Hitchens' had many admirable qualities (he was, she reports, "clever, hilarious, generous to his friends, combative,  prodigiously [...] by