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Typograms & Ptydepe: Remembering Vaclav Havel December 19, 2011: As you've heard by now, playwright, poet, dissident, and former Czech president Vaclav Havel died this weekend at the age of 75. The New Yorker's David Remnick recommends some of Havel's favorite writers, including poets Joseph Brodksy and Czeslaw Milosz; and The New York Times excerpts reviews of plays written by Havel, many of which [...] by

The Best Poetry Best Of Lists of 2011 December 19, 2011: Nothing says the end of the year like the scent of pine sap in one's hair, gaining a few pounds, free floating anxiety, weird dreams about toy soldiers, and lists. And boy do poets love lists. So, here's a breakdown on a number of this years "Best Of"-type lists. You've got the St. Louis Post-Dispatch list, which gives some love to [...] by

Poetry Apps! December 19, 2011: The fine folks at App Advice have compiled this list of a great number of poetry-related apps. Happy List Season! by

The Christmas Cards of Robert Frost December 19, 2011: See this article from The Academy of American Poets, which details Robert Frost's letterpressed Christmas cards: "I can't help wishing I could send you one, In wishing you herewith a Merry Christmas." So ends the first of Robert Frost's Christmas "cards," chapbooks printed annually by Spiral Press from 1929 to 1962. Each year, Frost [...] by

Whiting winner Don Mee Choi profiled in The Seattle Times December 19, 2011: Don Mee Choi was profiled in The Seattle Times this weekend, in an article that explores how she balances her work as a GED instructor, a translator, and a poet. She spends her weeks helping students through pages of math equations and her weekends writing: "Poetry frees me up in the most magical way," she says. "I can be inventive — with the [...] by

The Poetry Foundation’s most-read articles of 2011 December 19, 2011: 10. "Haiku Economics" by Stephen T. Ziliak I’m an economist. Yet poetry is my first stop on the way to invention—discovery of metaphors. No matter the audience, a model is a metaphor. Not every economist understands that. Poetry can fill the gap between reason and emotion, adding feelings to economics. 9. "In Praise of Promiscuous [...] by

Maya Angelou + Common = Beef December 19, 2011: Maya Angelou, who collaborated with Common on the track "The Dreamer", is upset that Common's lyrics dropped N-bombs, which she won't stand for. From this New York Post article: The song “The Dreamer,” off the album “The Dreamer, The Believer,” features a poem that Angelou penned and recited at the rapper’s request. It urges [...] by

Crooked Crooked Broadside December 19, 2011: Chris Hosea, over at the ol' chrishosea.com , has made a (quite purple) broadside with the rearranged lyrics of the Grace Kelly of indie-rock's classic Crooked Crooked Rain. Check it out. Foxy to me. Foxy to you? by

Mush-hearted detectives imagined by mush-hearted poets December 19, 2011: Bill Ott, the editor and publisher of the American Library Association's Booklist, recently wrote a quirky little piece about two of his favorite mystery novels -- both written by poets. What do they share in common? he asks. And the answer is this: their detective protagonists are prone to weeping. "If you’re from the Raymond Chandler [...] by

The Week We Reported and Observed December 16, 2011: A few quick aphorisms for the holiday run-up. Every language has its poetry. Including advertising copy. Something always gets lost in translation. Not everyone will agree what or why. He never got to be headmaster, but Tourrete’s Syndrome didn’t stop Samuel Johnson from communicating. You don’t need to start young to become a [...] by