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Olson, Wieners, Lansing, Eigner, and Corman at Jacket2 December 28, 2012: Jacket2 sent up this little holiday treat, "Mass: raw poetry from the commonwealth of Massachusetts," and we'd be remiss not to point to it here. Edited by Jim Dunn and Kevin Gallagher, this portfolio showcases five poets whose work has been firmly embedded in the poetic history of the state: Charels Olson, John Wieners, Gerrit Lansing, Larry [...] by

A Little Legal Advice for Self-publishers December 28, 2012: Bernard Starr at Huffpo is dishing some jurisprudence for those of you who are self-publishers. For poets, there's a darn good chance you are! Starr gives it straight: If you self-publish, you are the publisher and thus assume all the legal responsibilities. At first this might seem frightening. But it doesn't have to be, as I discovered in [...] by

RIP Jayne Cortez December 28, 2012: We've caught wind today of the very sad new of Jayne Cortez's passing, via the Black Rock Coalition. From their Facebook feed: It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we announce that Jayne Cortez, a poet and performance artist of the highest order, made her peaceful transition this morning. She served as a mentor to many within [...] by

New Translation Prize from SLS Honors Yiddish Poet Abraham Sutzkever December 28, 2012: The Jewish Daily Forward's blog, The Arty Semite, points us to Summer Literary Seminars' newest translation contest, "marking the centennial of the birth of one of the most acclaimed Yiddish poets of the 20th century," the poet Abraham Sutzkever. Per SLS: "The winner will receive a full scholarship at SLS Lithuania, as well as a $500 travel [...] by

Read Excerpts from Kirill Medvedev’s It’s No Good December 28, 2012: So worth a read: Four poems at n+1 from It's No Good, a new book out from n+1 and Ugly Duckling Presse by contemporary Russian poet, translator, political activist and essayist Kirill Medvedev, edited by Keith Gessen, with various translators. An excerpt: just a little bit more about literature: I’ve always been really interested in [...] by

O’Driscoll’s Departure December 27, 2012: Yesterday we posted briefly on the passing of Dennis O'Driscoll. We hear today from the Belfast Telegraph that president Michael D. Higgins of Ireland has paid tribute to the poet. To add more context to his life and work, surf over to this article at the Irish Times by Eileen Battersby that begins: Civility, a word all too infrequently used, [...] by

Lindsay Turner’s Questions Concerning the Matter of Being Female in I’ll Drown My Book December 27, 2012: Lindsay Turner adds her name to the hat of I'll Drown My Book reviewers, and it's one that aims directly at gender. At the Boston Review, her primary concern is: "If conceptual writing aims to do away with the subject, why gather female writers?" More: ...[T]he paradox explored by I’ll Drown My Book is not exactly the paradox of [...] by

Coldfront Interviews Brett Price About American Books (the Press) December 27, 2012: This one was posted on December 24; let us not let it pass us by! Coldfront's Steven Karl interviews Brett Price, poet and editor of the very new press American Books. Here's a bit from their conversation: SK: American Books is a new press with only one publication (as of this interview). Could you give me some background details on the [...] by

The Wall Street Journal Reviews The Selected Letters of Anthony Hecht December 27, 2012: The Wall Street Journal is all over The Selected Letters of Anthony Hecht, just out from Johns Hopkins and edited by Jonathan F. S. Post. "Hecht's letters, like his poems, rekindle the past, with their episodic account of Hecht's eventful life and its roll call of friends and fellow poets, including Robert Lowell, Allen Tate, Richard Wilbur, [...] by

Milton’s Sci-Fi Epic December 26, 2012: Remember this item from a while back, and how we got all psyched to see Bradley Cooper as the Dark Prince, yes Satan himself. Unfortunately it looks like it's not going to happen, according to Katy Waldman at Slate: Before an ominous two-handed engine called “budget constraints” smote it into oblivion, a movie adaption of Milton’s [...] by