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Native Innovation at Poets House March 29, 2013: Who: Native American Poets What: Native Innovation: Indigenous American Poetry in the 21st Century When: March 21 through March 24, 2013 Where: Poets House, New York *** The ghosts of the Mohawk woman Molly Brant and the Canarsee chief Gowane, the burdens and gifts of history, the deaths and resurrections of languages, the puzzles and [...] by

saying goodbye January 13, 2010: I don’t go out with bangs, or whimpers, or wimps (generally). Sometimes I daydream about going out with Tennyson, who wrote some pretty good poetry about endings (graver endings, arguably, than the termination of my Harrieteering). But that seems a little heavy, so I’ll stick with the obvious alternative: the Muppets. Thank you [...] by

what’s cooking at poets house January 7, 2010: I like the name “Poets House” because—while probably intended to read as the possessive Poets’ House—the phrase instead asserts something rather nice about poets. Poets don't just browse and carouse: they house. And maybe, someday, they’ll house me. I took advantage of their generosity earlier this week, when I spent several [...] by

doing time, and rhyme, with “invictus” December 19, 2009: Clint Eastwood’s rather long film Invictus shares its title with the rather short poem that inspired Nelson Mandela throughout his years in jail. “They’re just words,” explains Morgan Freeman, who plays an endearing Mandela during his first days of South African leadership. “But they helped me to stand when all I wanted to do was lie [...] by

ghosts and anne carson haunt nyu December 15, 2009: “The radio, the salad. Some of which, white—“ “Was it a Thursday? Was it a Friday? White stuff exploding—“ “Some of which, white, looks good in the salad—“ The audience of Ghostparts, an interactive performance staged at NYU’s Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House last week, shuffles up carpeted [...] by

Marianne Moore in the Village Voice December 2, 2009: During my happy days working in the arts department of the Village Voice, I discovered this previously unknown letter by Marianne Moore in one of the paper’s earliest issues: To the Jasmine's Kitten contest editor: Dear Madam: I think I should have him because I think her [sic] would like to have me. But if I win him, please give him [...] by

lost poets and found poetry in washington, d.c. November 24, 2009: [caption id="attachment_6519" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="                                         "][/caption] (Photo Credit: Thomas Sayers Ellis) I’m good at getting lost. A few years ago, living in a French town so small even its residents had barely heard of it, I lost my way at least once a week. I was [...] by

dubious poetry: the palin comparison November 17, 2009: Many have noted the poetry latent in Sarah Palin’s speech. Now that she's published a memoir, Going Rogue, many are noting the non-poetry of her non-prose. But who would have imagined that Palin had a poetic forerunner, a partner in rhyme, a fellow Bard of Bad? Julia A. Moore (1847-1920), popularly called the “Sweet Singer of [...] by

second sex takes second place? November 12, 2009: I own a pink skirt, a pink dress, a pink scarf, a pink coat, three pink sweaters, and six pink shirts. Each time I shop for clothes, my eyes wander toward another rose tee, and my fingers fondle another salmon sarong, and I ask myself, Why? But I know why. I love pink because I am Woman. Obviously. The more serious implications of [...] by

Writing on the wall November 9, 2009: White space criss-crossed yesterday’s New York Times opinion page like mortar. Uneven in length and width, stanzas gave the impression of crumbling brick. Poem titles appeared painted on, recalling graffiti. In light of the endless debate over Whether Good Political Poetry Exists, the commemoration of the fall of the Berlin Wall with a [...] by