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Spiralling Spells: On Making a Selected Poems April 30, 2012: Poetry has always been about time for me, and perhaps because of that—perhaps because I wanted to understand time from a place outside it—it's felt timeless.  I started writing poems when I was seven or eight, and even then I knew that I was writing with a part of myself that had nothing to do with my age.  Was that when I had the [...] by

Amy Lowell: Wings and Windows April 30, 2012: Amy Lowell...now there's a poet most of us probably feel is safely tucked away for good in some old trunk, wrapped in tissue paper, if not mothballs.  "Patterns," right?  That's about it for most of us. Lowell seems one of those early twentieth-century literary women, like Sylvia Beach, or Harriet Monroe of Harriet fame, who are doomed to fame [...] by

(I)nhabit or Cont(I)mplate April 25, 2012: The I that is still I arises but not (I)n every poem there are poems that arise around (I)t (I)nstead... I have felt for years that there are some poems (Williams, Hughes, Bogan, Rich, Cavafy), films (Bergman, Capra) and works of art (Judd) and music (Davis, Dylan), that want to be contemplated, and some poems (Whitman, Brooks, Millay, [...] by

Are we not yet I? April 20, 2012: Lavinia Greenlaw asks, "So nothing new exactly, except perhaps for the notion of the poem not belonging to the poet. Are we ready for that?" Are we?  Are we ready for the poem not belonging to the poet? Are we ever!  This is the oldest and perennial state of poetry.  We are ready for it as we are ready for microbrewed beer and organic [...] by

Couplets for Mistress Bradstreet?! April 17, 2012: [caption id="attachment_43466" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Popular 19th century depiction of Anne Bradstreet"][/caption] "Heroic couplets?," my husband Glen asked in astonishment. "Why are you writing in heroic couplets?"  Well, I answered him, half-wondering, again, the same thing myself, "It's a long story. . ." Glen knows [...] by

Poetry Diplomacy in the Congo April 13, 2012: Audre Lorde wrote that “poetry is not a luxury,” a truth that came home to me with a thud recently when I had the amazing experience of traveling to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo on a poetry diplomacy trip sponsored by University of Iowa International Programs and the State Department. The DRC is one of [...] by

Dante in the Cathedral April 9, 2012: [caption id="attachment_41821" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Marilyn Nelson reads from Canto 26 of Dante's Inferno at Cathedral of St. John the Divine"] [/caption] Every Maundy Thursday for the past twenty years, poets and poetry lovers have gathered in the cavernous shadowy nave of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in upper [...] by

Villanelles Rock Bowery Poetry Club April 3, 2012: National Poetry Month kicked off for me with the launch of VILLANELLES at Bowery Poetry Club Saturday night.  Much about the event felt surreal.  Intense jammed-up juxtapositions of poetic styles:  language ferment (Charles Bernstein, Antoinette Brim, Lee Ann Brown), formal wit (Kate Bernadette Benedict, Bruce Bennett, Charles Martin), [...] by

Bringing poetry to market December 6, 2011: Who: Holly S. Morrison What: Custom Poems Picked Fresh When: Wednesdays Where: Portland, Maine farmers’ market “Open Door” features audio, video, and online media to document dynamic interactions between poetry and its audience. “Open Door” showcases performance, scholarship, and engagement outside the usual boundaries of [...] by

Form and Suffering April 30, 2010: Kwame, dear Kwame, don't forget there is an inside to every outside, a trajectory to every incarnation!  You say,  "the absence of form, for what it is worth, is often the hallmark of change, innovation, disquiet and perhaps suffering."   You say, "literatures that are finding voice after having been silenced by the repressive control of old [...] by