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Mónica de la Torre—FOUR April 30, 2012: I think I first met Mónica de la Torre at a reading she gave with Eleni Sikelianos in the late ’90s or early ’00s at a gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The close friend I mentioned in a previous post knew her when they both lived in Mexico City (where de la Torre was born), and he encouraged me to introduce myself and say hello. At the [...] by

Peter Gizzi—Threshold Songs April 25, 2012: Peter Gizzi has been a good friend ever since we overlapped for a year together in grad school almost two decades ago. I reviewed his first two poetry books, Periplum and Artificial Heart, for Denver Quarterly and Chicago Review, respectively, and read his next two, Some Values of Landscape and Weather and The Outernationale, with deep [...] by

Dawn Lundy Martin—Discipline April 23, 2012: Dawn Lundy Martin was part of a group of poets, writers, and scholars who in the mid-2000s taught in Bard College’s Language and Thinking summer program, which requires all incoming Bard freshmen to spend most of August in a classroom five days a week learning to read and write critically. Given that for many students this is their first [...] by

Stephen Motika—Western Practice April 19, 2012: I first came to know Stephen Motika via his partner, who was a friend of mine in grad school at SUNY Buffalo, and who a decade-and-a-half later runs an exciting new gallery in New York City. When I met Motika, he had recently become the program director at Poets House, where he oversees one of the most pertinent and wide-ranging poetry event [...] by

Cathy Park Hong—Engine Empire April 16, 2012: My initial encounter with Cathy Park Hong’s poetry occurred in May of 2006 when fellow Harriet blogger—now, not then—Thom Donovan was curating a reading and event series called Peace on A out of his apartment on Avenue A in New York City’s East Village. The apartment was across the street from where Ed Sanders’s Peace Eye Bookstore was [...] by

Daniel Tiffany—Privado April 11, 2012: I first heard Daniel Tiffany’s name when the poet Peter Gizzi raved about his book Toy Medium: Materialism and Modern Lyric, a beautifully written scholarly study of lyric poetry (among many other things), which makes sense, since Gizzi is himself an accomplished lyric poet. It turned out that Tiffany, who teaches at USC, had been on the [...] by

Amy King—I Want to Make You Safe April 9, 2012: When I was a grad student at SUNY Buffalo in the mid-’90s, the comp lit students thought they were the cool kids, the Poetics Program poets thought they were the cooler kids, but the truly cool kids were the more independent agents like Amy King. She and I crossed paths in New York City a few times after we both moved here post-grad school, [...] by

Vivek Narayanan—Universal Beach April 5, 2012: When I was blogging for Harriet in the summer of 2008, I posted a two-part interview with Vivek Narayanan after having met him earlier that summer at the Beats in India: A Soul of Asia Symposium held at the Asia Society in New York City. The interview covered a wide variety of topics ranging from trends in South Asian poetry, to the Hindu [...] by

Poetry and race April 30, 2011: I’m kinda surprised that there hasn’t been any commentary on Harriet this month about the biggest and most heated discussion in the poetry world this spring—Claudia Rankine’s public questioning at the most recent AWP conference of Tony Hoagland’s poem “The Change.” Daisy Fried contributed a post just a few days ago that analyzed [...] by

Los Angeles Review of Books, or, poetry and finance April 28, 2011: Having spent much of the past decade working as a writer and editor on both sides of the print/electronic publishing divide, I’ve heard a lot of questions, but not many real solutions, concerning the eventual gravitation to the web of magazines and newspapers. For a living I edit an online academic reviews journal—caa.reviews—published by [...] by