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The Bad Wife Handbook and the bad poet. April 29, 2011: Rachel- I have had this book sitting on my shelf for a long time now, having purchased it but never reading it.  Jeff Mcdaniel reminded me of it.  I found it and read it last night.  It's incredible.  I am a bad, bad poet for not reading it sooner, especially since I am standing here in your living room, eating your lasagna and watching [...] by

Allow me to lace these lyrical dutches ( to Kathleen) April 20, 2011: Gah this month's posts from everyone have been so great!  I only wish I could reply directly to someone's topic, as apposed to a new post as a reply.  Maybe the folks at Harriet could do that on the next round.  I'd love to be able to do that. Everything you said Kathleen is spot-the-heck-on, which is why I ended my post by saying that [...] by

Rooney, I hear you April 18, 2011: "So what do you think, Harriet bloggers and readers: are mission-driven presses that focus on producing and distributing work by members of under-represented groups necessary and desirable? Why or why not? Do you read a book from one of these presses differently than you would any other collection?" These are some good questions, Kathleen and I [...] by

Goddess Booty Voodoo is What I Do April 7, 2011: Thank you PATRICIA SMITH FOR YOUR LOVE, for having ears that swivel towards the decades, for giving MY POETRY CONTEST a proper hello. Yes it's true, the contest page is blazing with age glitter, including a "headshot" of me not unlike Suzanne Somers' poetry book cover from the 80's, looking like I ate the truth and am now a little constipated by [...] by

Competition! Poetry! National! Patricia Smith! April 3, 2011: It's great to be back again on this sweet ass board with all you sweet ass poets. Patricia Smith — Are you into SWV?  Because I'm So Into You. I've been working on putting together a poetry competition for the month of April, so I wanted to share it with you all in hopes that you'll submit something yourself, or get someone you know to do [...] by

Poems for Carrie April 28, 2010: Thanks so much to all the people who sent me their poems for Carrie.  I've sent the story to some poet friends as well.  Who knows?  Maybe we'll have a book's worth. Here are some of the poems I've received by email.  Again, thanks for sending them.  -Amber Poem For Carrie by Sarah Riegel the poison that seeped through lost lovers [...] by

Carrie part 2. April 22, 2010: Pardon my lack of posts... I've been in rural Utah for the last 2 weeks shooting a film where there is no reception of any kind.  I've had a WONDERFUL time eating The Whispering Sands Motel's cinnamon buns and wilted bacon then  turning on Hip Hop Abs Workout Program on TV so I could "work that shit off" or whatever.  Whatever. We've been [...] by

“All is everything.” April 14, 2010: On a recent train ride back from a reading at Sarah Lawrence College, I found a business card wedged in the seat next to me for a Citi Bank Customer Relations Representative named Carrie.   On the back someone had written, "I hope that baby poisons your meaning in life George.  I'd rather be a letter unread than unwritten.  Hurt is [...] by

Completely inappropriate first post. I do not care. April 2, 2010: I LOVE YOU LINH DINH.  I just finished Exquisite Cheeses.  I love your work.  I love that book.  I have a lot of love, in general, for you, surrounding you, feeling you up after math class in the janitor's closet, or during math class, whichever you'd prefer.  (I'm cool with under the bleachers, too.) I'm super excited to read your posts [...] by

2010derly. January 10, 2010: Hello poetry board.  I thought I'd start out the year with a silly subject pun.  How did I do?  Feel free to use it in your daily correspondences. It's a dry, warm Southern California day today and I'm looking out over my Venice Beach porch to the East.  The Hollywood sign sticks out of the Mountain's cleavage like a hand made toothbrush [...] by