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Last Night, A Dream. December 8, 2009: I’m floating in a Hawaiian ocean, belly up to the Trade Winds.  Hands up over my head.  Eyes closed.  Cocooned in the Pacific salinity.  The sun is the most attentive lover.  I can hear nothing under.  I feel everything above.  The current begins to calm.  I wonder if I’ve drifted too far off shore.  I open my eyes and look back to [...] by

How a murderer sleeps. November 22, 2009: Marin County, California. My sister lives in Fairfax California and my Father was there visiting her and her kids. I was in San Francisco for a poetry show, but decided to stay at the same hotel with my dad outside of the city so I could visit with the whole family as well.  Dad got us two rooms at the Marriott Villas, which is a fancy term [...] by

The One That Got Away. November 1, 2009: I'm finally back in New York Citayy on a mini break from tour.  Good thing too, because some H1N1-style critter has crawled up into my throat and built a throne, barking exhaustive orders at my immune system and leaving me couch ridden.  Prior to the cold, I was able to make it to Rachel Mckibbens' book release party at the Bowery Poetry Club.  [...] by

“You’re Nobody Until Somebody Kills You.” October 11, 2009: I just finished another leg of this Bang Ditto tour which has felt like, at least for me, a great success so far.  This past week I did 5 shows from Oakland to City Lights Book Store and ending at Beyond Baroque in Venice last night.  Each show had it's own unique charm- whether I got to finally meet the crazy guy whose been writing me through [...] by

Welcome Thy Hallucinator October 1, 2009: "Don't bother," said the tiny, weary voice in my head when I first read the invite to blog for the Poetry Foundation. "Only linguisticons and master craftswomen of the word are welcome there, not actresses who write poetry.  Metaphor aficionados and such.  Look at you, spell-checking the word 'aficionado' and correcting it.   You can't even [...] by