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Je t’aime, asshole: Notes Towards a European Ghazal April 20, 2011: Typed up my post, then it vanished.  An account of meeting Agha Shahid Ali. I wrote it on my home blog, pressed the wrong key and it was gone.  Then I came here, wrote it out again, from scratch - what the poet said at night, on a loading dock at Wells College, about the ghazal - and now, once again, it is gone.  Where did it go? Perhaps [...] by

***Or oral? Can they be a *virus? **What kind of lines do you have in mind? April 14, 2011: : Sina Queryas. **The line is matted on a riverbank, then rotated three to five times: "Our eye-beams twisted, and did thread/ Our eyes upon one double string." (John Donne. The Ecstasie.)  My favorite poem as a child.  I did not understand it.  I read it over and over again: a precursor.  An addiction.  To the image of violets. Or the [...] by

Memory and Narration: An Ultra-Romantic Marxist Primer April 11, 2011: Page 278: "Narrate the history of ways you have been in common." — Th. Donov./Rb. Halprn Nothing comes to mind. The bus. The theater. The theater in Amsterdam drinking beer. Watching a film in French; the subtitles in Dutch. Arm in arm with a drug smuggler, on what I assumed was some kind of ultra-romantic date. Beer is a summer drink. It [...] by

Performance and Narrative: Craft Notes April 10, 2011: Last night, in the Dikeou Gallery in Denver, as part of the launch for TITMOUSE magazine, I gave, towards the end of the evening --  a performance, that built in me: :as I sat in my chair. Built. Until it became impossible to consider reading from the Belladonna chapbook of a book, a "poem-essay" (not yet written): BAN.  Instead, I did [...] by

Asian Vampire Sensuality and Other Problems April 5, 2011: Barbara Jane Reyes: "My question is about women of color publishing now. Why so dispersed? Why so defanged? Why so reticent, so deferential to others’ authority?" Quick answer: The body. To write the diasporic body — the race-class body — female body... is... so horrible, I can't even tell you. This sentence functions as evidence. [...] by

Poem-essay 1: Jena Osman’s “The Network” April 2, 2011: Poem-essay, the word for it, comes from Jena herself, a small, beautiful woman who lives on a street in a former colonial capital, Philadelphia.  Intensity in poets is beautiful to me.  The strict expression, re-focused on the writing to come: at the expense of minor forms of optimism.  This is a character sketch.  This is a beginning note [...] by

Aggression and Community: [exit notes] [snake puke] [discuss] February 10, 2010: 1.  Discuss. 2.  No. 3.  The sentence is a dark alley.  You know what happens in dark alleys. 4.  Something's not right. 5.  Discuss. 6. No. 7.  What kind of person gets to the corridor then stops?  On the verge of research, a question, an interview.  Takes notes on the architecture, the crenallate of red roofs [...] by

BURN THIS February 7, 2010: I threw the book into a dark garden and let it, all that winter, rot; retrieving it before the weather turned, to transcribe what was legible.  Though I considered burning it, I threw the notebook, instead, into the bin.  (Then, feeling guilty, plucked it out and put it in the recycling instead.)  Some notes on retrieval, on the circulatory and [...] by

Dung and Glitter February 4, 2010: Morning, in Colorado, if I'm not teaching or trying to make a school lunch my offspring will actually eat, involves a second cup of Double Bergamot Earl Grey tea and a quick skim of The Guardian, online, with the memory of pretending to read it, a broadsheet, upside down in bed, with my dad.  The paper, not me.  I was two. Thus, a few days [...] by

Notes on Mutation January 30, 2010: What is a question?  How do questions work in your writing?  What do they perform?  What happens when you ask them? Some notes from my own attempt to think about this, originally written as a way to think about Jean Valentine's "Little Boat," for a collection of writing on her work collected by Kazim Ali, whom I have never met but look [...] by