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“So sonic intensity is tantamount to submerged embodied historiography.” January 28, 2010: : (Th.Donov. on Fr. Moten): "Translate to color."  In the comment stream.  And looped up, like a baby.  Though if I had another baby, which would depend, quite frankly, upon meeting  a competent and ecstatic South-Asian medical professional in the next thirty days: I might put it down (the baby not a suitor) on a sheepskin rug to roll [...] by

Red worms January 20, 2010: by

“that borrowed form is already gone/I don’t speak.” January 17, 2010: -- Dolores Dorantes, tr. Jen Hofer, upon whose (Hofer's) knitted spirogyra/amoeba kit I bid at an auction and won; I now wear the longer experimental biological specimen around my neck, which is so wrong, though I've received many compliments. It's a graduated pink. My late morning report is that I wrote to Jen Hofer last night and asked [...] by

ANIMAUX January 13, 2010: because I want to put the x in animal, which has gender weight but which I actually visualize as the xxo that ends a letter, the duplicate, tactile kiss -- or, as in x marks the spot: predation.  How do sentences attract? What kills them? What splits them open, releasing their contents into a field?  The pale blue oval of a river?  I've been [...] by

Fellow Kitty Cats/those born to it/those not: January 10, 2010: Hi. Although I have been taking some considerable pleasure in the space beneath this one, and though I am also in some kind of hollowed out part of the landscape in Vermont, I thought I ought to overcome what was threatening to become, as David Buuck says, [bioperversity]. Have not yet figured out how to ittalicize words on Kitty Cat [...] by