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Palinode November 28, 2012: If Frank Ocean’s scream of devotion to something terrible is the key sound of the contemporary, it’s not altogether something horrible. It’s melodramatic and as such partakes of melos, the pure honey glucose of poetic pleasure. Like how Lana Del Rey plays Jackie Onassis. That being said, the translator always risks particular forms of [...] by

Short Note On Frank Ocean November 20, 2012: http://youtu.be/sDSPybTFYHU On many weekend mornings at Alli’s house, she makes breakfast and I DJ. I know you’re thinking that this mirrors an extremely careless performance of normative gender roles, but it’s a little more complicated than that. We have developed together a domestic economy, based on passion!, in which duty mirrors [...] by

Gastrointestinal Effluvia and Translation November 14, 2012:   Translating this book made me sick. I mean it gave me migraines, made me puke; I couldn’t sleep at night, regressed into totally out-of-character sexual behavior. The way I’ve put it to my friends is that working on it was like being made to vomit up my first two books, eat the vomit, vomit again, etc., then pour the mess into ice [...] by

Translation and Revolt November 8, 2012: Since these are posts that are supposed to concern the craft of poetry, I suppose it's okay to commence with a very practical remark about how I typically start a piece of writing. Essentially, in that very moment of total oceanic openness, the moment all poets know as the maximally porous time of Aeolian Harpitude, Spicerian Martians knocking [...] by