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Belgrade, Serbia October 6, 2010: Who: Brian Turner What: The Federal Association of Globetrotters When: April, 2010 Where: Belgrade, Serbia “Open Door” features audio, video, and online media to document dynamic interactions between poetry and its audience. “Open Door” showcases performance, scholarship, and engagement outside the usual boundaries of slams, [...] by

Iraqi Poetry Today–and more… April 30, 2010: As I deployed to Iraq as an Army sergeant late in 2003, I stuffed an anthology of poems (Iraqi Poetry Today; King’s College, London, 2003) into my rucksack. I never would have guessed that within a couple of years I would meet one of the authors whose work was in the anthology—the amazing poet Dunya Mikhail. I also could never have guessed [...] by

Stealing Back… April 30, 2010: If you go to the Amazon.com site to purchase Stacey Lynn Brown’s first book of poetry, you may not notice a slight difference between the title printed on the book cover and the title as it’s listed on the Amazon page. What may at first glance seem a subtle difference I think speaks to a larger issue in the contemporary American poetic [...] by

The Music Issue April 20, 2010: I played trumpet in the school band—from the 5th grade through high school. (I was one of those annoying trumpet players belting out bugle calls during Friday night football games in October, basketball games in March.) After high school, I moved into the big city (Fresno) from my childhood home in the country outside of Madera, California. I [...] by

From Belfast to Cork and Beyond April 11, 2010: We’re sitting in the sofa room at Pat and John’s place, a red brick house in East Belfast, after a home-cooked meal of lamb and vegetables, champs and gravy. Tea and sweet cakes arranged beautifully on a tray. The hearth we gather around, glowing. And John tells me that when the Germans bombed Belfast during the war, his grandfather was [...] by

Irish Poetry Now April 5, 2010: As I write this, I’m staying in a bungalow in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland. It’s a small seaside town with a pub—Grace Neill’s—which claims to be the oldest pub in Ireland (circa 1611). (I’m certain this title is hotly contested and debated.) Donaghadee has had such luminaries as Van Morrison, Peter the Great, and even Keats walking [...] by

Journal, Day Five March 3, 2006: While overseas in Iraq, I carried a few books with me in my assault pack (like a medium-sized backpack). I wanted to learn as much as possible about the people of Iraq, their culture, their history. I wanted to know more of the history layered into the earth. . . . . . . Ibn Khaldun’s The Muqaddimah (An Introduction to History)—the classic [...] by

Journal, Day Four March 2, 2006: 12 March 2004 . . . The sun rose peach and to the chants of the Qur’an, voiced through speakers in the minarets off in the distance. We were set up in pre-dug tank positions from the Iraqi army of old, there in the ruins of Nineveh. The guard was a little cold, and damp, but not bad. I sat my shift with Specialist Bosch and we watched a small [...] by

Journal, Day Three March 1, 2006: I'd like to share a few journal entries from when I was an infantry soldier in Iraq. The overall journal I have from that period in my life is fairly substantial and I won't try to reproduce it all here. I'd just like to give a few snippets so that one can get a feel for the difference between poem entries and straight journal ones . . . 24 Dec [...] by

Journal, Day Two February 28, 2006: Stichic Integrity—the integrity of the line . . . When writing the poems that comprise Here, Bullet and when editing those same poems once accepted by the publisher, I worked hard to focus on the integrity of the line. Each line needed to be considered in isolation for its own strengths and weaknesses. I think the following poem might serve [...] by