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Journal, Day Five August 18, 2006: A few more books by New York poet friends of mine to round out the week. Before I get to them let me offer a correction. In yesterday’s entry I put Hugh Seidman in the wrong school. He studied with Louis Zukofsky at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, now known as the Polytechnic University. It was founded in 1854, and is the nation’s [...] by

Journal, Day Four August 17, 2006: Now for some comments about books that I’ve been reading and rereading, most of them by friends. The Poems of Charles Reznikoff 1918-1975 by Charles Reznikoff. Edited by Seamus Cooney (Boston: Black Sparrow Books, David R. Godine, Publisher, 2005). The majority of the titles issued by the Black Sparrow Press have now been acquired by David [...] by

Journal, Day Three August 16, 2006: 3: ON PUBLISHING MY FIRST BOOK OF POEMS IN THIRTY YEARS But life doesn’t always conspire to allow us to write all the poems that we want. Everybody has to work a job. Lots of people’s marriages fall apart (mine did), and still they manage to be extraordinarily productive and bang out books every couple of years. I don’t know how they do [...] by

Journal, Day Two August 15, 2006: 2: ON PUBLISHING MY FIRST BOOK OF POEMS IN THIRTY YEARS The year 1985-1986 was filled with humiliating interviews with headhunters and potential employers. Nobody knew which slot to fit me in. “Well, you’re a teacher and a writer and an editor and a publisher. What is it you do?” I made the connection for them: everything that I did had [...] by

Journal, Day One August 14, 2006: 1: ON PUBLISHING MY FIRST BOOK OF POEMS IN THIRTY YEARS Well, thirty-one years, to be precise. I brought out my first book, Theories of Rain and Other Poems, in 1975 with SUN, a literary press that I had started that year. I knew nothing about sending books out for review, and mailed or handed copies to friends or to a few poets whom I admired. [...] by