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Four Comments about Conceptual Writing April 29, 2010: Kenneth Goldsmith has responded eloquently to naysayers who might object to the principles of Conceptual Literature, doing so through a series of manifestoes here at Harriet—and I hope to add an academic footnote to his many provocations…. Comment 1 Works of conceptual literature have primarily responded to the historical precedents [...] by

The Higher Dimensions of the Poem (Part 2) April 26, 2010: Eric Zboya is a student, currently exploring concepts of “transcendental dimensionality” in the book Un Coup de Dés by Stéphane Mallarmé—and toward this end, Zboya has been responding to experimental translations of this poem by such artists as Marcel Broodthaers, Guido Molinari, and Michalis Pichler (all of whom obliterate the lines [...] by

The Higher Dimensions of the Poem (Part 1) April 21, 2010: Eric Zboya is one of my talented, advanced undergrads in English Literature at the University of Calgary, where he is currently finishing up his research on the poetic themes of "transcendental dimensionality" in the book Un Coup de Dés by Stéphane Mallarmé. Zboya is experimenting with a series of interesting, translative procedures in order [...] by

Flarf, Arf, Arf, Arf! (Part 3) April 14, 2010: K. Silem Mohammad has suggested in his talk at the AWP Conference in Denver that, if avant-gardes in the present merely recycle the tactics of avant-gardes from our history, such movements do so because "the first times, they didn’t take,” and thus such movements as Flarf and Conceptual Writing must do “the opposite of damage [...] by

Flarf, Arf, Arf, Arf! (Part 2) April 13, 2010: Vanessa Place has listed a lovely series of aphorisms about the differences between Flarf and Conceptual Writing, enumerating these maxims for the panel at the AWP Conference in Denver—and certainly my favourite witticism by her is her claim that, unlike Flarf (which still loves poetry), “Conceptual Writing loves poetry enough to put it out of [...] by

Flarf, Arf, Arf, Arf! (Part 1) April 13, 2010: Kenneth Goldsmith has argued (in his essay at Harriet) that, for the avant-garde of the new millennium, Flarf constitutes a Dionysian aesthetic, whereas Conceptualism constitutes an Apollonian aesthetic (both of which respond with urgency to the technologies of the digital economy). During the panel entitled “Flarf and Conceptual Poetry” at [...] by

A Few Canadian Comments about the AWP Conference April 7, 2010: The AWP Conference begins today, and like many of you, I am attending sessions in Denver, appearing alongside friends on a panel about the poetics of Flarf and Conceptualism. Since the first appearance of the AWP Conference in Vancouver (2005), I have been contributing to such events over the last six years, and within the first two years of my [...] by

Piracy in the Office April 6, 2010: Kenneth Goldsmith (in his article dated 10 Apr 2010) remarks that “[t]he office is the next frontier of writing”—and with this claim, he extends his infamous argument that, within the corporatized, technocratic spaces of the modern milieu, the act of poetry itself has now become little more than an automated procedure, not much different [...] by

Cheers and Thanks February 27, 2008: ----------------- Hello, everyone. Just writing to say that this entry constitutes my 60th post—and, alas, today marks the end of my contract at Harriet. I have enjoyed the bavardage with all of you—and for the last six months, I have very much appreciated the opportunity to provoke my readership more directly in dialogue. I certainly hope [...] by

Late Review 04 February 26, 2008: ----------------- 1. Write for skimmers 2. Write for peckers 3. Filter, impose, trespass 4. Include a link to the Code 5. Think hyper 6. Think branding 7. Think icon 8. Tell your visitor where to go "How to Write for the Internet" in Human Resources by Rachel Zolf Coach House Books, 2007 ----------------- Human Resources is the third book of [...] by