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Late Review 03 February 22, 2008: ----------------- "A new weapon in the war against explosions: EXPLOSIONS! Hearing aids may explode!" from "Watch for Exploding Cells" in Fake Math by Ryan Fitzpatrick Snare Books, 2007 ----------------- Fake Math is the wacky, début volume of poetry by Ryan Fitzpatrick, a writer who takes his inspiration from Flarf by recombining the results [...] by

Late Review 02 February 20, 2008: ----------------- "juicy baby rubber fist red jawbreaker gluts opera-mouthed palate heaves lip popper sloppy baby gurgle slick gloam limpid" "Ballgag" in Thumbscrews by Natalie Zina Walschots Snare Books, 2007 ----------------- Thumbscrews is the kinky, début volume of poetry by Natalie Zina Walschots, a writer who engages with the aesthetics [...] by

Late Review 01 February 19, 2008: ----------------- "Bad abba the endgame. In- seminal doomdom alert: pueblo naturans or else. But the breadcrumbs are gone, and the story goes on, and how haply an ending no nextwise has shown us, nor known." from "Tale" in Yesno by Dennis Lee Anansi Press, 2007 ----------------- Dennis Lee is probably most famous in Canada for his books of [...] by

Random Poetry 08 February 18, 2008: ----------------- "Music to hear, why hear'st thou music sadly? Now is the time that face should form another; Nature's bequest gives nothing but doth lend, Thou dost beguile the world, unbless some mother. For where is she so fair whose unear'd womb By unions married, do offend thine ear, Making a famine where abundance lies, And threescore year [...] by

Late Past the Post February 12, 2008: Reginald Shepherd has proposed a definition for the term "post-avant poetry"—a term bandied about by poets without much consensus about its alleged referent, so I do not envy him his task, even though his definition has provided a scaffold for much subsequent discussion. Despite the currency of the term, I must confess that, since encountering [...] by

Hail, Ichneumonid Redux! February 9, 2008: Commentary about the "ichneumonids" continues apace, and again I must apologize for belabouring this topic—but Reginald Shepherd still seems to be missing the point that, Bernstein and I are not endorsing any hyperbolic comparison between poetic conflict and social genocide—we are merely citing (both critically and ironically) the very fact [...] by

Hail, Ichneumonid! February 9, 2008: Competing, scholarly priorities have prevented me from contributing to these interesting discussions on Harriet, and I fear that my own comments might seem very late in coming. Reginald Shepherd has expressed anxieties about the acid tone in an article by the poet Charles Bernstein, who formulates a sardonic rebuttal to an article by D. F. Fenza [...] by

UbuWeb at AWP February 6, 2008: I, too, have returned from AWP, exhausted by the experience. I fear that I have little to report of interest beyond the social gossip that such an occasion usually affords—but in the interest of generating some comments about audio-works of the avant-garde, I am going to include the links to the works on my playlist for the panel entitled [...] by

Random Poetry 07 January 25, 2008: ----------------- "WE" First utterance of Talking Popcorn by Nina Katchadourian ----------------- Nina Katchadourian is a conceptual artist, famous for her eclectic projects, some of which involve her mending a spiderweb or sorting a bookshelf. Often her work consists of either a whimsical intervention into a geographic mapping or an uninvited [...] by

Random Poetry 06 January 25, 2008: ----------------- dhcmrlchtdj "distribution height closets may remote Library catalogue hardly to die just dead hands claim me repeat Library centre hexagons the do jumbles dreams hundred cannot matter rudimentary letter could have this did justified dimensions hope corridors met remote Library could have the discover juggle disappeared have cup [...] by