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Journal, Day Five June 16, 2006: I virtually always know the last lines of my poems first. Almost always. I have friends who start with the title and then proceed. I know others who know the first line and come up with the title as the poem progresses. I find the various ways poets compose fascinating in a nerdy kind of way. I am sure I would have a mild heart attack if tomorrow [...] by

Journal, Day Four June 15, 2006: There have been some discussions lately about themed manuscripts of poetry. Some of those discussions have taken place right here in this space. And although I respect the idea that themed manuscripts are more palatable to publishers, to a wider audience of people, I find myself very resistant to the notion of the themed manuscript. Call it a [...] by

Journal, Day Three June 14, 2006: Though serendipity is rampant in the world at large, I am not convinced it is the standard way people enter a role such as Poetry Editor. But in my case, it was almost entirely serendipity. Many people have asked me, over the years, how I started editing poetry for a literary magazine. This is usually followed by questions about why I keep doing [...] by

Journal, Day Two June 13, 2006: We are all biased, all prejudiced, whether we admit it or not. I often think about this. I am a man of dark thoughts. I have long given up trying to change that. I admit here that up until about three weeks ago, I was prejudiced against poems written by people who have been incarcerated. I know this is silly because many fine minds have been [...] by