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Celebrate with Them: Two Poets House Exhibitions November 25, 2013: We’re always on about our gallery space here at the Poetry Foundation, where we’ve just featured an exhibition of artwork inspired by Emily Dickinson and a copy of Emily Dickinson’s only surviving dress. But the highlight of our week was a visit to Poets House in New York, where two excellent exhibitions are up until March 14th, [...] by

Emily Dickinson Haunts the Poetry Foundation October 22, 2013: The Poetry Foundation library is haunted by the ghost of Emily Dickinson these days. Or so it seems. We've borrowed a copy of the poet's only surviving dress from the Emily Dickinson Museum in Amherst, Massachusetts as part of the current gallery exhibition, "Forever – is composed of Nows –," which features work by Jen Bervin, Marta [...] by

Vote for POETRY from the Poetry Foundation for a Webby Award, Pretty Please April 10, 2013: [caption id="attachment_64582" align="alignnone" width="500"] POETRY from the Poetry Foundation nominated for a Webby![/caption] Our app—POETRY from the Poetry Foundation—has been nominated for a Webby Award. This is a great, great honor. Mashable.com calls the Webbys “the Oscars for the Web.” The POETRY app is eligible to win both [...] by

Barnes & Noble Gets a New Poetry Column April 28, 2010: I'm delighted to report the launch of a new poetry column, "STANZA", on the Barnes and Noble Review.  It'll be written by Tess Taylor, who recently published Twice-Told Tales about Laurie Sheck's novel "A Monster's Notes" and Dan Beachy-Quick's "Whaler's Dictionary" for the Poetry Foundation site. According to Taylor, she'll "be looking at five [...] by

Dispatch from the 2010 Key West Literary Seminar January 9, 2010: Greetings from the 28th annual Key West Literary Seminar, which is dedicated to poetry this year and honors Richard Wilbur. I'm filing this post from a mobile device that tried to auto-correct the words "Key West" into "awestruck." It's as if my smartphone knows how I feel about being in the midst of so many gifted poets. My status update on [...] by

Do Non-Poets Buy Poetry Books? August 10, 2009: Do you know any non-poets who buy poetry books? If so, what books do they buy? Anthologies? Books by particular poets? What influences their decision to buy those books? I ask because there was an interesting discussion going on about this over at WOMPO--the Women's Poetry Listserve. by

The Printers’ Ball: July 31, 2009 July 28, 2009: Get ready for the fifth annual Printers' Ball, the completely free, open-to-the-public print festival taking place this coming weekend. What is The Printers' Ball, you ask? Officially, The Printers’ Ball is "one of the largest celebrations of print culture in the country," which in my fantasy includes people wandering around wearing [...] by

Poem I Love: “For Julia, In the Deep Water” by John N. Morris July 9, 2009: The first real live poem I ever remember hearing aloud is "For Julia, In the Deep Water" by John N. Morris. It's about my friend Julia. Her dad was a poet, which was weird when you were a kid. If memory serves, Dr. Morris came to school and read this poem to our sixth grade class. The poem was first published in the New Yorker in 1976 and later in [...] by

Poem I Love: “You, Therefore” by Reginald Shepherd June 25, 2009: I knew Reginald ages ago in Iowa City. As my mother'd say (hi Mom!), he was quite a character. In this poem and in others, I admire his use of assonance, alliteration, internal near rhyme and...botany. In his first book, Some Are Drowning, doesn't he use the names of flowers to describe Kaposi's sarcoma blossoming on someone's skin? You, [...] by

Found on Flickr: Poetry, Texas June 22, 2009: [caption id="attachment_3586" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Photo of Abandoned House in Poetry, Texas by Noel Kerns"][/caption] Look at this beautiful thing--there's a place called Poetry, Texas. Anyone ever been? Noel Kerns has. One of my coworkers just reminded me that Poetry, Texas is included in a slide show of poetry in the [...] by