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Is Writing for the Rich? March 6, 2009: There's an interesting article in The Week that asks what is perhaps a rhetorical question: Is writing for the rich? by

Oblique Strategies February 24, 2009: I'm a sucker for little internet randomness games. This one, called Oblique Strategies, comes from Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. It felt particularly prophetic and possibly poetic the first few times I clicked on it. What do you think? All the fun I just had with it makes me think we ought to have a random button on this site so you can see all [...] by

Hello Harriet February 22, 2009: If you're a Harriet regular, you've probably noticed a few new-ish names over in the right-hand column. One of them is mine. That's because I've taken over for Emily Warn as the manager of the Poetry Foundation website. You will probably continue to hear from Emily now and then as you do from other former Harriet bloggers; and now and then, you'll [...] by

John Updike (1932-2009) January 27, 2009: All of the staff and board at the Poetry Foundation and Poetry magazine express their profound sorrow at the death of John Updike. Although many people knew him as a prolific novelist, Updike also wrote and published several books of poetry. Some of his poems were printed in Poetry magazine. He is, in fact, the author of this site's most popular [...] by

Journal, Day One June 12, 2006: I would be neither a poet nor a physician today had it not been for the statement made by a very wise teacher of mine in graduate school. When I started college, I never dreamed I would become a physician. And no one could have convinced me I would be writing poems in the future. But after my second year of college, I dropped all aspirations of [...] by