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Press Spotlight: Kahuaomanoa Press April 30, 2010: Kahuaomanoa Press, founded in 2007 by poets Brandy Nalani McDougall and Ann Inoshita, is a student-run press on the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa campus. They publish work to “increase student interest in literature, creative writing, visual art, and editing,” according to their website. This review examines two books [...] by

Poet Spotlight: John Murillo April 28, 2010: Recently read John Murillo's Up Jump the Boogie from one of my favorite presses, Cypher Books, and was blown away. John kindly answered some of my questions about his poetry and process. You can purchase the book here. 1) Can you tell us about the genesis and formation of your book? How did you hook up with Cypher Books? I had been [...] by

Literary Journal Spotlight: Breach April 26, 2010: One journal I'm particularly excited about is Breach. The editor of the current issue, J. Michael Martinez, was kind enough to answer a few questions about the magazine. 1) How did Breach begin? What is the journal's mission? Why did you choose the name "Breach?" Breach began a few years ago when the poet Gabe Gomez and I began to [...] by

Poet Spotlight: Lyz Soto April 23, 2010: Eulogies, by Lyz Soto, was recently published by Tinfish Press. Not only is the poetry beautifully & powerfully written, but the book itself (like all Tinfish books) is strikingly designed. Lyz was kind enough to answer a few questions about her poetry & process. If you are interested, you can purchase the book here. 1) When did you [...] by

Skypeability April 21, 2010: in the last two days, i've skyped with 3 classes, the first being an "ecopoetics" course (reading my first book) at pacific university in oregon, and the other two being "oceanic literature" courses (reading my second book) at the university of hawaii, manoa. the ecopoetics course: at AWP, i talked with a few people about skyping, its [...] by

Editor Spotlight: Iris Law April 19, 2010: 1) Why did you start Lantern Review? What are the goals/mission of the journal? Lantern Review was born out of a desire to fill a gap. As far as I know, we are the only US-based magazine out there that focuses exclusively on Asian American poetry.  When I first began to think about the idea for LR, there were a few magazines that were [...] by

sleepless in seattle and berkeley students fight over poetry! April 16, 2010: it's true, i was just in seattle on thursday, just for twenty four hours. at 3 pm, i did a reading for the "4th Annual Chamoru & Micronesian Research Conference" at the University of Washington. i read in the "Native Room" at the school's Ethnic Cultural Center. there were about 20 students from the Micronesian Islands Club and the Polynesian [...] by

“Whitewashing American Hybrid Aesthetics” April 14, 2010: my AWP paper below is posted below. this is not the entire paper (there is a section on african american hybrid poetry which i neither read nor will post here because a friend of mine is working on a paper on just that topic and doesnt want anyone "stealing her quotes"--crazy paranoid academics!). enjoy. "Whitewashing American Hybrid [...] by

i survived AWP and all you get is this lousy blogpost April 12, 2010: i dont get how anyone could hate or even feel anxious about AWP. i heart AWP: you get to travel to a fun city, you get to hear / meet many poets, editors, and publishers, you get to learn many things at panels, you get discount books, you get to eat at new restaurants, you get to dance, you get drunk, you get laid--what's not to like? AWP was [...] by

Why Poets Should Find Jobs Outside Academia April 6, 2010: a few weeks ago i had lunch with a group of seven writers. six of us had mfa degrees. one did not but had published enough books to currently teach in an mfa program. she wore her non-mfa status as a badge of honor. she sneered at those who wasted their money & time earning mfas and snickered at the delusions of her students. she clearly [...] by