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The Negative Culture of Book Reviewing April 5, 2010: i was missing harriet so i am thankful to travis & catherine for allowing me to post during national poetry month! just finished reading craig morgan teicher's essay, "what poetry reviews are for (and up against)," at publishers weekly. i always enjoy reading craig's reviews and i found his essay's insights enlightening and measured. i also [...] by

a final hafa adai from guahan & a farewell March 31, 2010: so i left off on the big night of my public reading/fundraiser. the event was held at a 'chamorro fusion' restuarant called meskla. the humanities council rented out the entire place...and there were about 100 people in attendance, including my grandmother, my godparents, and many aunts and uncles and cousins whom i havent seen in [...] by

the poet-carabao (days 3 & 4 in guam) March 26, 2010: so i joke that i feel like a poet-carabao because the guam humanities council has been working my butt off since i've been on island this week. so let me update since last time: wednesday morning, i visited two classes at JP Torres Alternative School--here's one class reading my poems: then... we visited two classes at southern [...] by

where in the world is craig santos perez? March 23, 2010: so i was just in new york last week for the poets & writers california writers exchange award & i had a blast! i will be blogging about the trip at the PW website--so hopefully you can check that out when it's live. i returned to cali for two days, dragged my travel weary butt back to the san francisco airport and survived a 11 hour [...] by

Anthology Spotlight: The Space Between: Negotiating Culture, Place, and Identity in the Pacific March 20, 2010: Recently received my copy of this beautifully produced anthology a few weeks ago. Edited by Marata Tamaira, The Space Between: Negotiating Culture, Place, and Identity in the Pacific, is a "collection of graduate student essays, poetry, and art explores the indigenous Oceanic concept vā, a space marked by tension [...] by

Graphic Poetry Spotlight: Jai Arun Ravine’s The Spiderboi Files March 16, 2010: a few years ago, achiote press (the press i co-founded) published a chapbook that included new poetry by Padcha Tuntha-obas and an essay by Alysha Wood titled "Translation as strategy within the work of Padcha Tuntha-obas and other poly-lingual texts." Since then, "Alysha Wood" has transformed into Jai Arun Ravine, a "trans-identified, [...] by

Teachability, Pedagogy, and Why You Can Easily Find My Book At Used Bookstores March 10, 2010: so some say that poetry is dead because it stays within the academic classroom, overlooking how important the classroom is to creating lifelong poetry readers / writers, as well as how important course adoption is to keeping books alive and relevant and in print. when i design a syllabus, i try to choose books that i think will engage and [...] by

Conference Spotlight: Native American Literature Symposium March 8, 2010: just returned from a weekend in albuquerque where i attended the Native American Literature Symposium (NALS), which is "organized by an independent group of indigenous scholars committed to making a place where Native voices can be heard." the symposium was held at the Isleta Casino & Resort (apparently, this symposium has been held at [...] by

Chapbook Spotlight: Calaveras March 3, 2010: i heart chapbooks, especially chapbooks made with love. a new project that i am excited about is Calaveras, edited by sara mumolo & alisa heinzman. their first journal is quite innovative: it includes a series of 7 chapbooks (featuring poetry, essays, and interviews from 27 aesthetically and culturally diverse writers), wrapped together in [...] by

Small Press Spotlight: Scapegoat Press March 1, 2010: i'm always excited when i learn about a new independent press. last month i read a review copy of one of their forthcoming  publications: francisco aragón's Glow of Our Sweat. one reason why i love francisco's book is that it combines poetry, translations, and a prose essay. i've never read a collection by a poet/translator that includes [...] by