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Poetry, Politics, & Why I am Not an Activist February 24, 2010: i've never considered myself an activist; if anything, i think what i do is 'literary activism' as i try to raise awareness of the struggles of my people through my poetry. in 2007, i became involved with a chamoru activist group called famoksaiyan. at first, i held writing workshops during the group's annual conferences. but in 2008... i [...] by

A Baby Picture, Author Photos, & My Second Book has been Published! February 22, 2010: so my first book was published in 2008. the book has no author photo (my publisher said i was too ugly). but one day i received an email requesting an author photo. i had just come from the gym so i randomly decided to snap a pic with my computer's 'photo booth,' and this has become my standard author photo: don't i look like such a [...] by

‘Al Que Quiere,’ A Bilingual MFA, Multilingual Poetics, and the ‘in English’ Only Poetry Contest February 17, 2010: In a letter to Marianne Moore dated Feb. 21, 1917, William Carlos Williams wrote: I want to call my book: A Book of Poems: AL QUE QUIERE! —which means: To him who wants it—but I like the Spanish just as I like a Chinese image cut out of stone: it is decorative and has a certain integral charm. But such a title is not democratic—does [...] by

Translation, Conceptualism, Exoticism, Imperialism, & Why Kenneth Goldsmith isn’t as Charming as David Larsen February 15, 2010: so after all the discussions about translation, i ordered david larsen's names of the lion from atticus finch. i heart atticus finch--the most beautiful chapbooks ever. i also read larsen's talk "translation as conceptual writing practice," presented at small press traffic in sept 2009. in this talk, larsen discusses names of the lion and various [...] by

Tranvestisizing, Post-Total Translation, & a Parable February 10, 2010: * johannes goransson, in a recent blogpost, wrote: "Translation transvestisizes the "original."" * have you ever heard the parable "The Translating Twins"? twin sisters separated at birth, adopted, major in literature & italian (let's say) at dif universities. they both translate the same italian poet--who had not yet been translated [...] by

Community, Awaiting Moderation, & Why I Heart Truong Tran February 8, 2010: in some ways, many of the posts from the current cohort of Harriet bloggers is about community: reading series, the commons, literary magazines, criticism, ethnic and gender organizations, humans and nature, academia. even Harriet itself is a kind of community blog. as i mentioned in a previous comment field, there is always a dark side to [...] by

O the Mid-life Horror! O the Humanities! February 3, 2010: [contest winners announced at end of post] so i turn thirty years old this weekend. you got a problem with that? well i do! i first started to feel the pangs of a mid-life crisis last year, when i visited the students of a 'poetry & politics' course who were reading my first book. one of the students mentioned that she was writing her [...] by

Do You Want to Win Free Books? February 1, 2010: it's monday! so let's reward ourselves with another chance to win some free Omnidawn Books! i'm going to give away 10 books--and you can choose any Omnidawn book you want if you win. some Omnidawn authors include keith waldrop, lyn hejinian, myung mi kim, tyrone williams, paul hoover, norma cole, and translations of rimbaud & holderlin, and [...] by

Gender, (Race), & Poetry (Part 2): Numbers & Unnumbered Trouble January 27, 2010: * some of you may be familiar with 'NUMBERS TROUBLE,' the essay by juliana spahr & stephanie young, published in the chicago review (2007), in response to jennifer ashton's ill-conceived essay 'our bodies, our poems.' (you can read the spahr/young essay, ashton's clumsy response, and a statistical report complied by joshua kotin & [...] by

Gender & Poetry (Part 1): ‘Why Don’t More Women Do Blog-Oriented Writing?’ January 25, 2010: Blogging, friends, is boring. We must not blog so. After all, the screen flashes, the great internet yearns, we ourselves type and yearn, and moreover Kent Johnson told me (repeatingly) ‘Ever to confess you’re bored means there is no Avant Garde.’ I conclude now there is no Avant Garde, because I am heavy [...] by