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Impossible Music /5/ Making Music May 2, 2013: When I ran Monday hoot nights at The Coffee Gallery I remember several vivid sessions and appearances. • Young beardless Jerry Garcia up from Palo Alto. He brought his banjo and sat in with other bluegrass string players. I remember telling him not to sing. But who listens to me? • It was during the ‘60s folk revival and singers and [...] by

Impossible Music /4/ Making Music April 24, 2013: What’s gone returns as parable. Banjoist J. P. Pickens was the first (and most constant) improvisation partner. Another was Jim Gurley later lead-guitarist for Big Brother & The Holding Company. Singer-songwriter Dino Valente aka Chet Powers was number three who once took me to a clunky motel off Van Ness Ave to meet Bob [...] by

Impossible Music/3 [Tracking] April 23, 2013: The music goes round & round Spinning Wheel Where she stops nobody knows Mandalas pressed into discs Or Meier or Fludd or Bruno Human dead center in the Circle Corresponding to the universe The all the everything known unknown • A table, a speaker, elements of a seance • As if the records from the 20s & 30s are not [...] by

Impossible Music/2 [78s, 45s, EPs, LPs] April 18, 2013: The needle points the way (Tao) the energy (literal, manifest, i.e., Chi) goes, flows, circulates into the coils of ear Of precious stones the diamond is preferred, its aspects cut & faceted as the disc itself (Is the disc its self?) The medium of recording: ghost oracle What’s on the disc, in it, was first netted on [...] by

Impossible Music April 10, 2013: The old tale teller’s ploy: Where to begin? How to start? In the middle of the night or day you are the one. It’s always been music and never enough words to say it within or beyond. Profound dyslexia. Metaphor abounds. But no way into what the music is, was, does, reveals, conceals. Ammiel and yours vaguely spend a late afternoon at [...] by