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Prufrock Moment February 5, 2009: There’s a particularly lovely bit in Stephen Colbert’s interview with Elizabeth Alexander the night after the inauguration. Colbert: [mock-pathetic] “Poems aren’t true, right? They’re made up, right…because I recently read this thing called The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock which is about a guy, you know, in his mid-40s like I am, [...] by

Phillies! Phillies! Phillies! October 29, 2008: 9:58 pm South Philly— Whooos, horns honking, somebody hitting what sounds like a cowbell... we don’t have a TV and didn’t get around to see if it was streaming on-line, but we can always tell what’s happening in a ball game that really matters by the noise in the street. As the New York Times live blogger says “And after 98 seasons of [...] by

GO PHILLIES!!!! October 16, 2008: The crowd at the ball game is moved uniformly by a spirit of uselessness which delights them-- W.C. Williams, from "At the Ball Game" Fanaticism? No. Writing is exciting and baseball is like writing. Marianne Moore, from "Baseball and Writing" by

Vitriol in the Arts August 4, 2008: Always glad to see August Kleinzahler, one of the best poets writing today, get some press. Reporters for mainstream papers who write about AK seem to like to ask Billy Collins for a quote about him. In the LA Times recently, BC remarked, on AK’s attacks on the poetry establishment: “All the vitriol…I don’t get it.” Which makes me ask a [...] by

Good Doggerel June 21, 2008: Sacco and Vanzetti in handcuffs I forget where online I found this, but I saved it in a computer file some months ago and only just came across it again. I suppose it wouldn't charm me so much if it weren't for who wrote it--it charms me and gives me a little twinge... To babies we will their mothers’ love, To youngsters we will the sun [...] by

The Pure Products of France May 14, 2008: This is a sad story. We noticed the posters from the first day we were in Paris. "SOS Doudou Perdu!!!" they said in boldface block letters above a photo of a baby's lovey--a stuffed white dog with an enormous nose, cute eyes and blue ears. I took a picture of it but can't upload it; the computers at this Avenue Parmentier internet point won't take [...] by

Arson, a Recipe May 14, 2008: Last time we were in Paris, in 2004, we were staying in the 20th Arrondisement near Place Gambetta, an upscaling neighborhood on the edge of one of the more multicultural areas of Paris. It was winter and you'd see African women in long traditional dresses and flipflops and their elder kids in flipflops and their younger kids in regular children's [...] by

Opening Day May 14, 2008: A few hours before we left for Paris (we are here for a month), William Corbett's new book from Hanging Loose Press, Opening Day, came in the mail, so I stuck it in my carry-on bag. Our first full day here, we do something we like to do soon after we get off the plane and never again during a trip--walk out the Champs-Elysees from Concorde, sit in [...] by

Questions for Fady Joudah May 14, 2008: Fady Joudah 1. Your first book of poems, The Earth in the Attic, just came out from Yale University Press, the winner of the Yale Younger Poets Award, selected by Louise Gluck. How does that feel? It feels great, a life well dreamt or a dream well lived. I hope the book is received well, I naturally think its themes of exile and witness to [...] by

Mother Goose is a Goth: A Found Poem May 4, 2008: Concerned that there’s too much violence in children’s movies, TV, video games and online? Maybe the problem is there’s not enough. From The Annotated Mother Goose, eds. William S. Baring-Gould & Ceil Baring-Gould, Bramhall House, 1962: “…in 1952 Geoffrey Handley-Taylor of Manchester, England, published a brief biography of the [...] by