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Meet the New Colossus—Same as the Old Colossus May 31, 2008: I have to confess, I love the Parthenon. Not the original (though I might indeed love it, if I ever get a chance to see it) but the reproduction. Sitting on the 132-acre Centennial Park in the heart of Nashville, the Tennessee version of the Parthenon is an attempt to faithfully re-create the building that sits atop the Acropolis in Athens, [...] by

FREE POETRY May 29, 2008: to a good home.... Received in the mail several copies of Free Poetry, a series of chapbooks edited by Boise State University’s Martin Corless-Smith. The books aren’t copyrighted, and they are distributed gratis. They can be reproduced and shared with any and all readers. Poets in the series include Paul Hoover, Geraldine Monk, Alan Halsey [...] by

Lost in Translation May 26, 2008: I was visiting a creative writing class last week, and students were asking questions about craft, process, etc. A young woman raised her hand: “where do your words come from? Do you spend a long time figuring out what words you’ll use? Because they always seem so precise.” Her question was both simple and complex, and I perhaps gave the [...] by

David Trinidad is Doing Tim Dlugos May 23, 2008: I don’t mean for that to sound as provocative as it does. Trinidad is in the midst of editing Dlugos’s Collected Poems. Dlugos is still under-read, in part because contemporary poetry is still just catching up to his Pop-Art poems, his eclectic palette of cultural references and tones. I did hear Joan Larkin singing Dlugos’s praises to [...] by

At the Cotton Museum May 16, 2008: The former Cotton Exchange in Memphis has been transformed into a loving tribute to the fiber that shaped the South: King Cotton. The museum is a fine combination of multi-media presentations and preserved artifacts. One of the display cases features a compendium of products made from cotton, including hair curl activator, disposable diapers and [...] by

MEMPHIS AND NASHVILLE May 8, 2008: In Robert Altman's seminal film, Nashville, a third-party candidate named Hal Philip Walker is running for president on a ticket known as The Replacement Party. "I'm for doing some replacing," he says of the bureaucracy in Washington. Hal Philip Walker's speech runs throughout the film, piped through the megaphones on a roving minibus plastered [...] by