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The Rejection Slip April 25, 2011: If the subscription list of this magazine approximated the yearly inflow of manuscripts - the editors would hire a long string of assistants, have cut flowers replenished daily on their desks, and be less harassed generally.  Even then, however, the impossibility of answering personally each letter that reaches the office would be equally [...] by

Poetic Fashion and Unfashion: On Literary Outliers April 18, 2011: I recently participated, along with Annie Finch, Cate Marvin, and Kristen Prevallet, in a panel at Harvard called, "Poetic Fashion and Unfashion: On Literary Outliers."  The idea, which Woodberry Poetry Room Curator Christina Davis came up with, was to have us discuss "outlier poets whose work presents a counterpoint to our current literary [...] by

Poetry blogging is dead, long live poetry blogging! April 7, 2011: About a year ago on my own blog, I concluded that poetry blogging was dead. This was done with tongue mostly in cheek, at a time of wagging tongues—and wags. Comment streams, readers may recall, had become tails wagging the dog of poetry blog posts. I was kidding; but little did I know how much was about to change. The reconfiguration of [...] by

POETRY in Kazakhstan April 29, 2010: We were recently contacted by the Innovative University of Eurasia (Kazakhstan), who are in need of English-language books and magazines for their reading programs. We sent them copies of Poetry magazine, copies of a poetry anthology, and a few other things. Above is a photo of the special-needs kids who used these materials in their [...] by

Haiti January 13, 2010: We've been looking into the best ways to help out those who are suffering so terribly in Haiti following yesterday's earthquake. The best single source of reliable information we've found so far is from our web-colleagues at The Rumpus, via poet and Rumpus Poetry Editor Brian Spears.  Please click here (and he is adding additional [...] by

Lisa Robertson: Dispatch from Jouhet! November 10, 2009: During a site migration (I love technical jargon, don't you?), a number of Harriet's journals were lost.  But I'm pleased - and extremely grateful to the crack web team here for their help - to be able to re-present this one!  It's Lisa Robertson's dispatch from Jouhet, France.  Here you go...  enjoy!  Discuss!! MONDAY In this [...] by

Poetry makes nothing happen… or does it? November 4, 2009: You see the phrase, "poetry makes nothing happen" trotted out over and over again, attributed to W.H. Auden as some sort of evidence for the reductiveness and hermetic inutility of poetry.  And yet...This ignores the fact that the phrase occurs in a POEM – one, moreover, that eulogizes a poet who made things happen (being a politician and [...] by

X-Rays and Fowling Pieces September 9, 2009: Shout out to a poet whose poems - like X-rays - are quick, high-voltage and penetrating... like this one, called, well, "The X-Ray" -- Mornings, the body’s old winter monochrome gives its image of extraordinary cold to a million hives— I could imagine a lanthorn as it swallows its strange light and gleams from within as if [...] by

Real life August 3, 2009: "I do not know what you think of departments of English, but the good ones are not random collections of tedious pedants..." So wrote Yvor Winters, who knew a tedious pedant when he saw one, to the father of an aspiring poet way back in 1954; he continued: "[English departments] are rather carefully selected groups of historical scholars [...] by

We do things funny over here… July 8, 2009: [caption id="attachment_4131" align="alignnone" width="266" caption="Vera Pavlova (left)"][/caption] I recently attended the Poetry International festival in Rotterdam - one of the best poetry-related events I've ever been to - meeting day and night with poets from countries other than the USA, and heard - literally - not a single word about [...] by