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Pompeii and Circumstance September 20, 2008: OK, who saw the letter to the editor in the October issue of Harper’s about Charles Bernstein’s poem, “Pompeii?” And who gets to put the iron in irony? Harper’s reader [...] by

What Are Years. September 5, 2008: Marianne Moore once explained that she did not put a question mark after the title of her poem “What Are Years?” – though it kept being printed with one. It’s not a question [...] by

The Name Game September 2, 2008: As an adjunct to my Kneejerk Poetry list (and just in time for back to school shopping) I’m now assembling a list of names and phrases that are sure to generate controversy instantly. This list [...] by

Kneejerk poetics August 25, 2008: There are certain notions about poetry that must apparently always automatically spring to mind. I’ve decided to start a list of them here. (Please feel free to add your own – I’ve [...] by

Top ten things you may not have known about G.M. Hopkins August 21, 2008: 1.) His nickname as a teenager at school was “Skin.” 1.a.) He was home schooled until he was about ten, and then almost got expelled from the school he eventually attended. 2.) The Hopkins family [...] by

What do you mean teaching poetry writing and wasting your time painting sober little organic, meaningful pictures? August 15, 2008:         I was released from forms, from the perpendiculars,   straight lines, blocks, boxes, binds of thought into the hues, shadings, rises, flowing bends and blends   [...] by

Meditations in an Emergency August 12, 2008: I know it’s been blogged all over the place, but meditate on this, all who debate about expanding the audience for poetry: year-to-date sales of Frank O’Hara’s Meditations in an [...] by

Mahmoud Darwish has died August 9, 2008: According to a great many media reports, there is news that Mahmoud Darwish has died. His work graced the pages of Poetry back in December 2005; Harriet readers may recall Daisy Fried’s recent [...] by

Either/Or(r) July 31, 2008: I’m a little surprised that the exhumation in the New York Times back in May of a pair of poems written by Barack Obama hasn’t excited more twittering in the blog-po-sphere. Here they [...] by

The Aspern Papers… Spicer’s, Schwartz’s, Kafka’s – and yours? July 14, 2008: “After Jack Spicer’s untimely death at the age of forty in 1965, the contents of his apartment were packed into boxes…” Dunno about you, but I know what would happen to the [...] by