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GOOD TO REPORT April 26, 2012: I should have asked Trini Dalton for one of her poems because they were amazing I thought. Trini’s a prose writer and an art writer and a rock writer and so I was both surprised and elated that [...] by

Gaypril April 20, 2012: I want to prove to myself I am capable of writing a short blog. It’s a form, a simple one so it should be easily standardized. I just got off a train from Baltimore today. I read at Goucher College [...] by

Artists at Audiatur, ‘Warmism’ and Blue April 18, 2012: The lineup Miia Toivio and Marko Niemi were the avant garde slapstick duo. Lars Skinnebach was the Swedish man w dreds Jenny Tunedal is king of Scandinavian poetry I can’t find Cecilia’s card [...] by

AUDIATUR April 18, 2012: I’m doing facebook in my hotel room in Bergen when I suddenly ask myself why am I doing this? I need to be writing about this festival that’s just over. Audiatur is a biennial and a half in [...] by

JOAN PHONE April 12, 2012: There’s no information in a phone like this. I’m talking about the “stupid” phone I hold in my hand. You can’t just sit there reading your texts. And that’s all there is. I mean besides [...] by

Sherwin’s poem January 4, 2012: I’m a Sherwin Bitsui fan because his poems have a calm murmuring forward motion that I deeply trust and a surrealism that feels older than French and may be engaging both poet and reader in scarier [...] by

Peter’s Poem December 31, 2011: I suppose I could quote from Peter’s poem that begins: Between autumn and spring I sleep inside a column streaming semen from the sky a time for mapping and counting is done and it feels really [...] by

Mary Jo’s Poem (or else Dante’s) December 28, 2011: Look! It’s the beast with the pointed tail, Who leaps tall mountains and shatters barriers— Stone wall or high-tech weapon. Look! It’s him Who stinks up the world. If you are ever knocking [...] by

ALBERT’S POEM December 13, 2011: Albert’s poem starts off elegantly: The whole of it is winged,  . . . and honestly if the poem continued on as elegantly I would likely put it down. But instead it dips away: …this science of [...] by

DANIEL’S POEM December 1, 2011: It keeps changing shapes and sometimes it looks like prose. It’s in a collection of poems that all call themselves something with the word “Book” in the title. Like this one, “The Book of [...] by