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All Creatures Great And Small April 30, 2012: The heroes that plumb the depths of the body electric, act as a litmus for edge and its extractive measures from the core—what chums the bone at a reading, what elevates the slivered base. The time invested in what to choose for a reading is a direct reflection of the skin's sealed incapacity for stasis—when to unfurl the new one, when to rest [...] by

The poem maker remembers to make the poem April 27, 2012: I visited my six-year old boy's school for Poem In Your Pocket Day. I portrayed the 'mystery poet' hiding behind a six-foot piece of burlap held at arm's length, the word POCKET drawn on the front, the kids filing in, pointing, yelling, "Look, a pocket!" The teachers had done a thorough job of getting them excited about today, with every child [...] by

The Surface Mesh: The Poem’s Talk April 23, 2012: During this year's Harriet, my question—was there something I wanted to bring across to engage the spirited storyteller—factored around Selfing Equations of balance and disappearance…i.e. was I ready to find myself along the poetry community’s perimeter, a sculpted edge of my own divination, as a touch-base for transmission? The poet that [...] by

Scrapbook: The Disappearing Mucho-ority April 18, 2012: The net would seem to cast itself wide—after years at sea, tangents in recollection gather themselves to shake loose their structure and create something new. It's in this spirit of gathering that I thought it might be interesting to see where some disparate elements might have some viable crossover—thriving on surprise where momentum [...] by

poem >< poet : a talk with Sharon Mesmer April 13, 2012: Sharon Mesmer wrote a poem called "This Poem" which is now posted on her blog, Dubious Labia. Last week she emailed it to the Flarf list, which I'm on...as a quotidient fly on the wall. I was struck by its reach to the point where I wanted to investigate how much of its immediacy and action I could hold onto, if I rewrote it in the spirit of [...] by

ex(herc)ise in praxis April 11, 2012: the exercise of awareness starts with these fingers hovering over the laptop, pinky floatong helplessly on eoither hand…stopping there for a second to correct the mistake of a speeding digit…why does the speed matter so much…effort to capture the exact moment of word falling from tip…look up out window of moving train…city approaches, [...] by

What is a Tea Poet? April 9, 2012: "The poet descends low. He forsakes the parnassian assembly." While the Parnassian movement—a reaction against Romanticism that called for a recognition of art independent of any moral, social, or scientific consideration—produced few poets of lasting renown, its significant influence has been recognized by artist and critic alike. Okay, I [...] by

Teach Me How to End, Please April 5, 2012: How do you take yourself out of your language so poetry can talk to all parts of yourself? "Welcome to Harriet," says trauma teaching poet. Hello folks, glad to join the community again, and just in time to be considered the first week of OUR month. Though this annual rite does a bang-up job of reminding me how out of touch I am…it lights a fire [...] by

taking baudelaire and ingesting him from notwhich April 28, 2011: I've been asked to participate in an evening celebrating John Ashbery's new translations of Rimbaud's "Illuminations." The section entitled TALE resonated with where I felt my life was at this point — a bit groundless yet lit; my job in transition again, a few life curves to consider, your basic mirror-check with the other eye free in the ease [...] by

Sound. Silly. Brain. Touch. Taste. Rain. April 15, 2011: My entry into poetry month, here at the half-way mark, was to perform for my 5-year old boy's class on Poem In Your Pocket Day. The poetry teacher did a fabulous job, creating a word-environment around the school. Poetry everywhere, words on paper, taped-up in corners, hallways, doors—to walk in one's alphabet, to actually listen to the words [...] by