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Oye Poeta! April 30, 2010: Was traveling today and just wanted to send off a quick and humble so long before the month is gone. It's been a true honor to swim with you all this month. A thank you to Travis Nichols for inviting me. I felt the experiment of blogs without a comment-stream, without immediate responses to obstruct the flow, created a continual fountain of [...] by

if i raised my boy the way i wrote poetry April 28, 2010: (this is not a response to Kenny but merely a pilfering of a title in the act of its displacement settled into my own need for its new placement within my personal zeitgeist pilfered by an even more boring zeitgeist displaced as a title that has already been read but never been written) How appropriate to send poetry month off into the sunset [...] by

an exercise on an exercise April 26, 2010: archie is now family-friendly with betty, veronica and kevin…juliana spahr is connecting everyone with lungs, point a to b…dagwood will always hinge his mouth open to fit that impossibly huge sandwich, mutilation culture…mike tyler cannot get arrested, the poet's poet…a tv camera on a waist-belt captures the onslaught of humans against the [...] by

the pressure of inspiration (where’s that piece about those apples) April 23, 2010: I am participating in an art event which neccesitates a newly created PO-EM-PI-ECE based on the art being celebrated at the event…now, it's one thing to be inspired by art to create a piece and have it exist as the piece you wrote inspired by the art...to then possibly be heard at a reading among other pieces…or published somewhere years [...] by

amialarmistnotbeingalarmistamialarmistnotmeright April 21, 2010: Here at the end of the edge, the terra sin mecca, and all us poets trying to get a word in before the month is gone. Before the mouth disappears with all our people stranded on the other side. And the earth's decision to call it a day. What is there to do when cataclysm is as slow as breathing? If this was a proper war we'd see the results [...] by

I’ll steal your poets like I stole your bike April 19, 2010: I was a speed-specialist on my high school track team. A post-adolescent 'Rican zooming through the hundred yard dash in McComb's Park in the shadow of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. On the relay team, I was adept at handing off the baton in full stride. While the long-distance runners were experts at concentration over the long haul and knew to [...] by

magic maker April 17, 2010: A possibly benign question posed to me recently, "are words sounds or concepts," seems like a starting point. I had a list poem I was working on last year which couldn't stop itself once the repetition claimed a spot in my brain. Once I found where the words could say almost the same thing with just a few changes, it just kept going, amassing [...] by

The conference as a point of light April 12, 2010: In the poem, the body of the poet. Every poem the poet, not a metaphor, not a symbol, not a representation, not just the poet's words…but the star stuff, the connective tissue, the manifestation of the one writing the word…is the one being the word. I'm under the ever-reaching expanse of sky that blankets Montana, here for a writer's residency [...] by

That hombre within walking distance April 7, 2010: Jeez, a smorgasbord of borders to infiltrate! Right off the bat, poet's theater as a page infolded…yeah! A walk through the language-y to arrive at the poet-y, just to get tripped in territory…page, body, theater. Where do you keep that slippery melt of meaning when the poem hybrids into theater? Using the trappings of theater would seem to [...] by

My normal is better than yours April 2, 2010: Here a hello for all ye hipsters, haymakers and halcyon hoverers. Happy to return here for the next few weeks, as I never had a chance for a proper goodbye in January. Between losing my job and arranging a myriad of difficulties to reduce overhead for a smoother grasp on survival mode…well, I just had to go cold turkey from Harriett to catch my [...] by