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Anniversary of Pablo Neruda’s Death September 23, 2008: Today is the anniversary of Pablo Neruda’s death in 1973. In homage, I’m posting this poem, “Ode with a Lament.”* Written in the early thirties in Spain, it probably alludes to Neruda’s daughter Malva who was born with hydrocephaly and Down’s syndrome. I find the last stanza particularly moving in its depiction of the emotionally [...] by

Singer-Songwriters and Poetry September 20, 2008: Any of us can get into a good fight arguing over singer-songwriters whose poetic lyrics we champion. And some singers, Leonard Cohen or David Berman (of The Silver Jews) for instance, publish books of their own poetry. In the seventies, a number of singer-songwriters made references to poets: Bob Dylan to Dante, Verlaine & Rimbaud, Patti Smith [...] by

Slovene Invasion September 14, 2008: The Slovenes are coming! Five of them, anyway: Tone Škrjanec, Tomaž Šalamun, Gregor Podlogar, Ana Pepelnik, and Primož Čučnik. This could be big trouble (see their bio notes). Catch you unprepared? That's just what they want! Better click Continue Reading This Entry below. Tomaž Šalamun at Brown University, 2007 THE SLOVENE POETRY [...] by

The Poetry-Transfigured Essay September 10, 2008: The best book by our best living literary essayist, An Elemental Thing
 by Eliot Weinberger got scant attention when it was published in 2007. As is sometimes the case with significant American writers, Weinberger’s reputation may be greater abroad than at home. Certainly his work has been translated into umpteen languages (including [...] by

Welsh Poetry, Psychogeography & EcoPoetics September 8, 2008: It is 12:20 in Providence a Friday… I scroll through the madding blogs and check in with Harriet
 to see what the poets in Wales are doing these days… Zoë Skoulding What ARE the poets in Wales doing these days, fifteen years after R. S. Thomas’ God-haunted Collected Poems
, fifty-five years after Dylan Thomas’ wildly popular Under [...] by