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Essays for Robert von Hallberg February 1, 2011: Poetry magazine recently received this welcome dispatch from Chicago Review, with links to PDFs of knockouts from their latest number. From CR editor, V. Joshua Adams: Readers of Harriet may be interested in two essays on contemporary poetry from the latest issue of Chicago Review (55:3—4). In "Apocalypticism: A Way Forward for Poetry," [...] by

A Meeting with Oneself January 19, 2011: Poetry magazine recently exchanged e-mails with January cover artist Genevieve Simms, about her work. She says, Illustration from its beginnings has always been tied to a text. I find with my personal work I am often interested in finding ways to use illustration in place of text entirely. For example, I may have forgotten the words to a [...] by

LESS IS MORE December 20, 2010: Poetry magazine has featured cover art by Maira Kalman, Milton Glaser, David Byrne, and other greats, thanks to Winterhouse Studio. A lot of readers ask us how cover art is chosen for the magazine, and the answer is: one way or another. This month we’ll give you a peek at the process and how we came to feature the work of an unwitting Sam [...] by

And what // do I love in loving thee? April 20, 2010: Chandler and Price, first series, platen press, ca. 1915 By luck, by love, by affinity Poetry magazine receives reams of poetry weekly. Earlier this year, Brian Teare of Albion Books had the (lovely) idea of sending us his latest titles, with broadsides(!). In honor of ink on paper we've put up scans of WREN/OMEN by Peter O'Learly and Hart [...] by

Kiss my ars poetica. April 12, 2010: While other people were reading, you know, some dorky crap, I was reading, you know, Edgar Allan Poe and Baudelaire and things like that, so, and it just sprung from that, and on TV I was just watching old horror movies and like, you know crime, so, and Elvis, you know so that's it. —Glenn Danzig by

Love, Jack November 13, 2009: We love poetry at Poetry. We especially love poetry that comes over the transom, wrapped in fine ink on paper, accompanied by missives that state: "This is the most important letter you have ever received." This week we're abuzz over Ryan Murphy's latest art press incarnation (The North Beach Yacht Club) and its newly minted Hokku Notebook, by [...] by

Poetry Marathon at the Serpentine Gallery, London October 28, 2009: Philip Larkin* Poetry contributor Caroline Bergvall attended the 50-some poet, 36-hour poetry marathon at the Serpentine Gallery in London on October 17–18. Her dispatch follows: I’m writing in from London where I’ve recently been part of a highly ambitious poetry event. The internationally reputed Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park has [...] by

Transformations September 30, 2009: So long September. On this, the last day of the month, have a lasting look at Cathie Bleck’s “Transformations” above, also featured on the current cover of Poetry.  Inside, I see a hoof, a hand, and (blush) the distinct influence of Rockwell Kent. In 2005, Winterhouse Studio redesigned Poetry and, while researching, principal William [...] by

Is that a poem in your pocket? April 15, 2009: Poetry staff was happy to see Ana Benaroya's e-mail come over the transom with big, beautiful illustrations for us to consider for the cover of the magazine. (See November 2008 for her first appearance and April 2009 for her latest, "Crazy Head.") After perusing her website we found several poetry illos in her pocket that made us fall crazy [...] by

Poetry Tweets February 27, 2009: O Swallow, Swallow, if I could follow, and light Upon her lattice, I would pipe and trill, And cheep and twitter twenty million loves.      —Lord Alfred Tennyson Every morning I tweet bits from Poetry to 865 loves. Our trills are here. The posts are mostly unrequited, but sometimes we get a little love back. When we do, we [...] by