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Legendary, Lexical, Loquacious October 17, 2008: Every year Poetry hosts a gathering for Chicago literary publishers called the Printers’ Ball. Over 100 local literary organizations showcase a diverse selection of print publications, available [...] by

Stop Making Sense November 15, 2007: Those drawings on the cover of November’s Poetry are of chairs. The chairs are drawn by David Byrne. Why did David Byrne draw chairs? Well, they have arms and legs and vaguely human scale—and [...] by

GONZO PURO! October 16, 2007: At birth, before the umbilical was cut, Ralph Steadman pooped in the hand of the hospital nurse. This marked, according to Steadman, the “earliest manifestation of a Gonzotic event.” He claims to [...] by

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL July 18, 2007: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (YAB) is my favorite public art collective based in Chicago. YAB is powered by a hundreds-large gang of anonymous visual artists that install the same three-word poem—”YOU [...] by

Long Live a Hunger to Feed Each Other July 15, 2007: The best book-publishing story of the year is from Open City in New York. This Gallimard-inspired, thin blue volume, Long Live a Hunger to Feed Each Other, is a posthumous collection of poems by the [...] by

The Price is Right July 12, 2007: How much would you pay for a first-edition, one-of-500, Prufrock and Other Observations by T.S. Eliot of your very own? $20,000! What a deal!! Hurry up please it’s time to buy at Manhattan Rare [...] by

The White Issue July 6, 2007: Every time I pick up a copy of Chicago Review I learn something. They have a knack for special sections: Kenneth Rexroth, Lisa Robertson, Christopher Middleton, Louis Zukofsky, and Stan Brackhage(!) [...] by

“You’ll probably hate some of these poems.” March 29, 2007: An intern suggests to David Eggers that he publish poetry. Eggers says OK how? Enter The Poetry Chains of Dominic Luxford, section one in McSweeney’s three-volume Issue 22. Here’s how it works: [...] by

The fair New Yorker is, sometimes, very amusing… March 13, 2007: Play with Wave Book’s erasures. Context be damned. by

“Irony does not mean simply, ‘things that suck.’” March 8, 2007: SoYouWanna interpret a poem? by