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Pattie McCarthy Reviews Sasha Steensen’s House of Deer at Jacket 2 July 30, 2014: At Jacket 2 we are eagerly starting to read Pattie McCarthy’s new column, “Subdomestictexts.” Each post explores the relationship between the domestic and the text. Her newest entry [...] by

Pakistani Pashtun Poets Restore Their Craft Amidst Massive Migration July 30, 2014: Washington Post reports that after many years of grief under Taliban rule, Pakistani Pashtun poets are reviving their artful words in Bannu, Pakistan. BANNU, Pakistan — For more than five [...] by

News Hour Spends Time with Andrew Hoyem at Arion Press, with Robert Hass, and with Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass July 30, 2014: Walt Whitman‘s Leaves of Grass is one of the most significant books of American poetry.. ever. Ever read it? Well, whether you have or haven’t, this feature posted by PBS News Hour [...] by

How Jim Harrison Lost His Left Eye & Other Tales from Esquire July 30, 2014: Get ready… It’s Legends of the Fall scribe and poet Jim Harrison, telling Esquire what all there is: “I probably wouldn’t have been a poet if I hadn’t lost my left eye [...] by

Tracing the History of a Sign: New Yorker’s Abigail Deutsch Looks into the Origins of Verse Discovered in Fort Tryon Park July 30, 2014: It was a warm and sunny summer day when Abigail Deutsch discovered a sign in Fort Tryon Park filled with this verse: “Let no one say, and say it to your shame,/That all was beauty here, until [...] by

Flesh as Reflector: Edmund Hardy on Dante’s Use of ‘Alluminar’ July 29, 2014: UK poet Edmund Hardy has a new post up at his blog Bite the Weeds, which is worth eyemarking in general–this one’s about Oderisi da Gubbio, Dante, and the French term “alluminar.” [...] by

Write From Your Own Creative Imperative July 29, 2014: A-ha moment: There are such things as book contests. And open calls! We thought we’d alert you to a few good’uns currently on: Number 1: The Kelsey Street Press FIRSTS Contest! In this [...] by

At LA Times, Hans Ulrich Obrist in Praise of Andrew Durbin’s Poetry July 29, 2014: In The Los Angeles Times this week, Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator at Serpentine Gallery and an organizer behind the recent exhibition, “Poetry will be made by all!,” talks about Instagram, [...] by

‘Mike Young is the Dante of post-boredom’ July 29, 2014: At Vice, Blake Butler serves up a swell and psychedelic introduction to the poetry of Mike Young and samples a few poems from his forthcoming Sprezzatura (due out this fall from Publishing Genius). [...] by

John Keats: Death by Article? July 28, 2014: We had the weekend to digest Jeffrey C. Johnson’s temperature-raising post from the Paris Review, all about John Keats and reflections on fever. And on dispelling the myth propagated by [...] by