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Nominations Open for North Carolina’s Poet Laureate September 17, 2014: Calling all (qualified) poets in the great state of North Carolina! The nomination process is now open for the next poet laureate of the state. You’ll recall the recent kerfuffle involving [...] by

Terrance Hayes and Khaled Mattawa Awarded MacArthur Fellowships September 17, 2014: We woke up this morning to the wonderful news that two poets have been named MacArthur Fellows: Terrance Hayes and Khaled Mattawa. We turn to Jacket Copy for some of the details: This year’s [...] by

Where Does Iambic Pentameter Come From? September 17, 2014: Oddly enough, although the term “iambic pentameter” refers to a metrical pattern written in English, the term itself originates from Greek! How does THAT work? Gretchen McCullogh of Slate [...] by

Here It Is! 2014 National Book Award Longlist September 16, 2014: What a great 10-title longlist for the National Book Award! For more context on nominated poets, check out the write up a the LA Times and at the NY Times too. We’ll be looking forward to [...] by

Nick Cave Likes Poetry, Is a ‘Berryman Nut’ September 16, 2014: Suh-weet! Who knew?! The dashing ranconteur behind Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and a plethora of other musical incarnations LOVES poetry. Especially, John Berryman. Nick Cave is best known for his [...] by

Millennials Read More! September 16, 2014: A new study conducted by Pew Research concludes that millennials (that’s Americans ages 16-29) are reading more than elder generations of bookworms. From Jacket Copy: According to the report, [...] by

Confessionalism & Feminism at Coldfront September 15, 2014: Coldfront has an up essay today about Confessionalist writing rendered in feminism, beginning with Adrienne Rich for whom: “…the traditional domestic goals of a woman’s life conflicted [...] by

Oh, Evolve?! Electronic Publication Ferries Poetry into the Future with John Ashbery September 15, 2014: Whatever you do, don’t look back! Poetry has been slow to the e-book boom, and for good reason. When John Ashbery looked at the first four electronic editions of his poetry he observed that [...] by

Manhattanville College to Host a Nobel Prize Contender Ngugi wa Thiong’o September 15, 2014: Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiong’o, who The Guardian writes is “tipped” for the 2014 Nobel prize in literature, will read at Manhattanville College on September 26th. The MFA program at [...] by

Jill Schoolman on Haitian Poet/Artist Frankétienne, Knausgaard Frenzy, & More at BOMB September 12, 2014: We’ve always had a soft spot for Archipelago Books and Jill Schoolman, who publishes some of the most “tender and startling and deeply literary” international literature in [...] by