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Yes to Dada in Destruction Was My Beatrice June 30, 2015: In the NYT Sunday Book Review, Andrei Codrescu reviews modernist scholar Jed Rasula’s history of Dada, Destruction Was My Beatrice (City Lights Books, 2015). “’The true dadas are [...] by

Rhetorics as Raw Material: On the Complex Work of Daniel Borzutzky June 29, 2015: At Jacket2, Kristin Dykstra writes about both the translation and creative work of Daniel Borzutzky, and how the two modes interrelate as she reads across his oeuvre, focusing on Borzutzky’s 2015 [...] by

Checking in With Linh Dinh at Jacket2 June 29, 2015: We realized today that too much time has gone by since we checked in with past and prolific Harriet contributor Linh Dinh, so we’re grateful to the editors of Jacket2 for posting a conversation [...] by

How to Teach Poetry in Scotland? More Joy, Less Decoding, Says National Poet for Scotland, Liz Lochhead June 29, 2015: Scotland’s National Poet Laureate (in Scotland, referred to as the “Makar”) is Liz Lochhead. In a new article at The National, Lochhead, who rose to the prestigious post in 2011, [...] by

Portland, Maine Passes the Puck to a New Poet Laureate: Gibson Fay-LeBlanc June 29, 2015: The newest poet laureate for the city of Portland, Maine is hockey player and educator, Gibson Fay-LeBlanc. Fay-LeBlanc will serve a three-year term and hopes to follow in the footsteps of Wesley [...] by

Take a Poetry Quiz at Slate June 26, 2015: It’s Friday quiz time! Lucky for us it’s a poetry quiz. Doubly lucky is our handy-dandy cheat sheet, otherwise known as the Online Archive. But please don’t cheat… really. [...] by

Please Feast Your Eyes on Volume II of ‘poetry is (Speaking Portraits)’ June 26, 2015: George Quasha is back for round two of his “poetry is (Speaking Portraits)” project, a “portraiture with poetics” that features over 75 poets individually recorded as they [...] by

Nathaniel Mackey and the Music of Language at WUNC June 26, 2015: Do yourself a solid today and have a listen to this great interview with poet, music aficionado, and Ruth Lilly Prize winner Nathaniel Mackey. Mackey converses with Frank Stasio “about his [...] by

New York City Libraries Receive Largest Funding Boost Ever June 26, 2015: Hyperallergic reports that the NYC Council voted and approved the fiscal year 2016 budget this week, which includes a $39 million-dollar boost for NYC libraries. More: In a deal on the fiscal year [...] by

James Merrill: Secretly New York School? June 25, 2015: At Locus Solus Andrew Epstein reveals James Merrill’s rather unexpected connection to the New York School. Although Merrill “operated at some distance from the avant-garde of his [...] by