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A Critical Review of Helen Vendler’s Newest Essay Collection July 24, 2015: Poetry critic Helen Vendler has been taken down a peg or two with this piece in The Spectator. Daniel Swift looks at Vendler’s newest book of collected essays, The Ocean, the Bird and the [...] by

ENTROPY’s Tête-à-tête with Sandra Doller: L’editrice Our Ennui’s Been Waiting For July 23, 2015: One way to start your morning with a little inspiration is with a spoonful of 1913 Press’s Founding Editor and Guru, Sandra Doller in conversation with ENTROPY. In addition to authoring [...] by

Meet Brent Cunningham: Operations Director at Small Press Distribution July 23, 2015: Ever wondered who is behind the heavenly system that fulfills your small press dreams and desires? Why that’s Brent Cunningham, Laura Moriarty, John Sakkis, Johnny Hernandez, Nicole Trigg, and [...] by

Patrick James Dunagan Ponders Elizabeth Willis’s Alive: New and Selected Poems July 23, 2015: At The Rumpus, Patrick James Dunagan observes the fabulous universe of talent that is (“stellar,” as he puts it) Elizabeth Willis’s New and Selected. Willis’s volume is a [...] by

One Million Images Released by British Library in Collective Effort to Improve Data & Depiction July 23, 2015: Our medium of choice might be language, for the most part, but we can’t deny the power of a million+ images now in the public domain. Open Culture points us to the British Library announce that [...] by

The ‘subsubsubcategories of a whatever yes’: Anne Boyer’s Garments Against Women July 22, 2015: In light of an excerpt from Garments Against Women (Ahsahta, 2015) having been published today at Bookforum, we’d like to also point to a nuanced review of Anne Boyer’s most recent, over [...] by

At Jacket 2, Jerome Rothenberg Relates ASL to Poetry July 22, 2015: Poems in the air? For his latest post at Jacket 2, Jerome Rothenberg discusses American Sign Language and its relationship to poetry. Can American Sign Language be a medium for poetry? You bet! [...] by

‘What kind of glue did they use?': Todd Colby Reviews Ashbery and Maddin Exibition July 22, 2015: Take a cool, breezy tour through the latest Tibor de Nagy exhibition, consisting of collages by John Ashbery and Guy Maddin, with your guide Todd Colby. Over at Fanzine, Colby walks us through the [...] by

Rigoberto González Considers Books by Ada Límon, Kyle Dargan, & Quan Barry July 22, 2015: Rigoberto González considers the “mid-career poet,” defined loosely: “The expectation is that four published poetry books provides enough material to establish a reputation, a [...] by

Filmmaker Pedro Costa Influenced by Gil Scott-Heron July 22, 2015: Lisbon-born filmmaker Pedro Costa is interviewed at Film Comment, and he talks largely of Gil Scott-Heron, with whom Costa was set to work on his new film Horse Money. A retrospective of [...] by