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Dante’s Tomb Security Boosted July 16, 2015: Tomb-raiders, beware! The security around Dante Alighieri’s tomb in Italy just became a little bit tighter due to (eek) threats from Isis. More: The tomb of Dante Alighieri, Italy’s [...] by

So Sweet and So Juicy: WCW Becomes Twitter Gen. Meme July 16, 2015: We aren’t sure how William Carlos Williams would feel about the Twitter generation, but, according to NY Mag’s Annie Lowrey—it sure likes him! Lowrey drops it like it’s hot, at [...] by

Let Melancholy Not Be Diluted by Cheap Optimism: Santiago Vizcaíno’s Destruction in the Afternoon July 16, 2015: Destruction in the Afternoon (Lavender Ink 2015), by “one of Ecuador’s finest poets,” Santiago Vizcaíno, is reviewed at Entropy. “Against the grain of this [U.S. cultural] [...] by

Elizabeth Willis Reviews Fred Moten for Boston Review July 15, 2015: At Boston Review, Elizabeth Willis reviews two Fred Moten titles, The Feel Trio (Letter Machine Editions 2014) and The Little Edges (Wesleyan, 2014). “Poetry, by virtue of its adaptive [...] by

The New Yorker Considers Poetry’s Ties to Politics in Iran July 15, 2015: How did the Iranian modernist Sohrab Sepehri find his voice? At The New Yorker, Neima Jahromi brings together both poetry and politics in his portrait of Sepehri to paint a picture of Iran after [...] by

Patrick James Dunagan Reviews Joshua Clover’s Red Epic July 15, 2015: At Your Impossible Voice, Patrick James Dunagan provides insight into Joshua Clover’s most recent collection of poems, Red Epic. The collection is published by Commune Editions: a new [...] by

‘The present has its own peril': Anne Boyer Writes Time in Literature & Illness July 14, 2015: At Full Stop, a new piece by Anne Boyer called “This Imaginary Half-Nothing: Time” reveals her reading-time during sick-time, and the connections therein (Thomas Mann’s The Magic [...] by

Meet Ladan Osman at Paris Review July 14, 2015: A resident of Chicago, Ladan Osman is the author of The Kitchen Dweller’s Testimony selected for the Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets in 2014. Our dear readers may also know Ladan [...] by

Go Ahead and Speak Meaningfully with Divedapper July 14, 2015: Finally, a new literary journal devoted solely to interviews! The newest literary powerhouse, Divedapper, is edited by Kaveh Akbar (rhymes with “snack bar,” as he puts it). If [...] by

John Ashbery’s Breezeway Reviewed at Hyperallergic July 14, 2015: James Gibbons reviews John Ashbery’s new book, Breezeway (HarperCollins/Ecco), for Hyperallergic: “[Ashbery’s] writerly game is indulgence (in the sense of aesthetic pleasure, [...] by