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Carl Phillips on Risk at Huffington Post January 20, 2015: At Huffington Post on the heels of his newest book (of essays) titled The Art of Daring: Risk, Restlessness, Imagination, Carl Phillips speaks with Ben Evans about daring, risk, restlessness, and [...] by

Mashinka Firunts & Other Greats Respond to Conceptual Art/Writing Queries January 20, 2015: At Jacket2, some important questions are asked and answered regarding Conceptual art and conceptual writing. “Who’s in? Who’s out? What are its limits? Isn’t all writing [...] by

Helen Vendler Reviews Lucie Brock-Broido for NYRB January 20, 2015: At the New York Review of Books, Helen Vendler explains it all: Lucie Brock-Broido’s poetry is “imaginative beyond the usual notions of that word.” More in this review of [...] by

Tom Trudgeon Converses With Lucas de Lima at The Conversant January 19, 2015: Tom Trudgeon talked with Lucas de Lima for The Conversant, giving us all a bit more insight into de Lima’s new book, Wet Land (Action Books 2014), the title of which, as Trudgeon notes, becomes [...] by

Listen In: Restoring Ancient Recordings at the British Library January 19, 2015: This past weekend’s edition of NPR’s “All Things Considered” featured a visit with librarians at the British Library who are in the process of salvaging some 6 million+ sound [...] by

C’est la Ville!: Urban Voices from Paris and Chicago January 19, 2015: This past fall during Open House Chicago, the Poetry Foundation and La Maison de la Poésie collaborated on an audio installation that brought together 6 poets from Paris and Chicago, respectively. [...] by

Barry Schwabsky Reviews Wong May at Hyperallergic January 19, 2015: In the newest installment of “Weekend Reads” at Hyperallergic Barry Schwabsky reviews Wong May’s most recent collection of poems, Picasso’s Tears: Poems 1978-2013. The [...] by

Undocupoets Petitions Poetry Publishers to Grant Non-Citizens & Non–U.S. Residents Contest Entry January 19, 2015: Apogee Journal has published a petition regarding first-book discrimination from Undocupoets, “the group fighting to end citizenship-based discrimination in poetry publishing and [...] by

Concentrate Media Welcomes You to Ann Arbor’s Literary Culture January 16, 2015: Who knew that Ann Arbor, Michigan has such a vibrant literary culture and publishing community? Actually, we knew that all along! But here’s an even more detailed glimpse at the writers, [...] by

‘Poet’ and ‘Playboy': The New York Times Reviews James Laughlin Biography and Collected Poems January 16, 2015: The New York Times reviews a new biography about James Laughlin, along with his massive Collected Poems. Laughlin was the founder of New Directions and a prolific poet in his own right. From NYT: [...] by