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Lost and Found: A Reading of a Poem I Like January 31, 2009: In the audio commentary for his film Two-Lane Blacktop (1971), Monte Hellman notes the great advantage of working with “non-actors” like James Taylor and Dennis Wilson, innocent amateurs who don’t try to act. The great advantage of the speaker in Canadian poet Brian Bartlett’s recent poem “Dear Georgie” is the fact that he doesn’t [...] by

What’s On Your Desk? January 26, 2009: Unlike Seinfeld’s Kramer’s coffee-table-book-about-coffee-tables, Evie Christie’s Desk Space – a Web site devoted to writers' desks – is much more than a novelty. Each week on Desk Space, Christie plays curator to an interesting exhibit: the ephemera surrounding and, in some cases, dwarfing the work space of a particular writer, [...] by

A Brief, Belated Review of “Twelve Visual Poems” (edited by Geof Huth, from the November issue of Poetry) January 21, 2009: Actually, I don’t have too much to say about the poems themselves, which I found pleasant enough. But surely these poems deserve a livelier critical commentary than the polite one Geof Huth supplies. In phrases like “the textual materiality of language,” “the ultimate artificiality of linguistic signs,” and “reconstitute the [...] by

In Defense of Dial-up Blogging and, Generally Speaking, Taking It Slow January 14, 2009: I’ve never blogged before. That sounds like an air-clearing confession, and in some ways, it is. Although I enjoy blogs, I have always done so covertly – which means I’ve been the sort of person who responds to a blog by E-mailing its author privately instead of posting a response publicly. One’s most intimate E-mail is always, of course, [...] by