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The Possibility of a Poetic Drama July 9, 2009: "The questions—why there is no poetic drama to-day, how the stage has lost all hold on literary art, why so many poetic plays are written which can only be read, and read, if at all, without pleasure—have become insipid, almost academic." So wrote T. S. Eliot in "The Possibility of a Poetic Drama," published in The Sacred Wood (1922). [...] by

Keep the spot sore! July 4, 2009: Ahoy hoy! Sibilance! Sibilance! The editors of Harriet have kindly invited me to join their merry band, and I'm honored to be here. Scared, too, though, that I won't have much of interest to say. I guess we'll find out. I may be posting snapshots of my tomato plants before my hitch is up. Earlier this week was Sovereignty Day, and today is [...] by