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Journal, Day Five July 21, 2006: First sounds this morning: my soul finding the body, a phone message from Alaska of the “Airplane Song” being sung at the opening of the Eskimo games last night, and the calling, calling of doves. **** Inspired by the gift of Eleanor Wilner’s exquisite poetry this morning. (Excerpted from “High Noon at Los Alamos”): As if [...] by

Journal, Day Four July 20, 2006: Today I got to listen over the phone to the calls and cries of the blanket toss competition at the Eskimo Olympics, going on right now in Fairbanks, Alaska. Tug-of-war is another of the events at the Eskimo Olympics. The tug-of-war between white men and native women is a recurring event. The women have always won. Some tug-of-war games I’d [...] by

Journal, Day Three July 19, 2006: There’s something about nines. I look forward to nines, the ninth of months, the eighteens that add up to nine, as do fifty-four and forty-five. Today is the 18th. So far it’s the same: hotter than usual, construction noise, and projects spread out in front of me next to my saxophone. And every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday during regatta [...] by

Journal, Day Two July 18, 2006: I am up early, my shoulder scraping the dawn, just in time for the arrival of the drilling and sawing workmen next door. They have been at it for two months. Non-stop. Every day they arrive a little after 6:30, except for Sunday. There is no shutting off the racket. Our houses are open up here in Alewa Heights and the acoustics excellent, [...] by

Journal, Day One July 17, 2006: t’s late Sunday night in Honolulu. We are night sky, dark ocean, and a poetry of lights from here to Waikiki. Writing a blog is a little like writing poetry, songs, stories, or anything creative. You set out with stars, wild trust, and more than a pinch of fierce spark. Tonight a few trade winds join us. They all have names in Hawaiian. I [...] by