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Film Adaptation of Jeffrey McDaniel’s “The Quiet World” April 18, 2011: I have been writing a sitcom. That's not what this post is about. But it's where it starts. I have been writing a sitcom titled Artificial Humor. But I think the title might change to AHAHA. It's an acronym: Artificial. Humor. Android. Hilariously. Activated. That's the name of the Laughing Robot in the sitcom. This post is not about the Laughing [...] by

“School/Period”: Chicano Renaissance April 15, 2011: I would like to make a suggestion to the Poetry Foundation: that "Chicano Renaissance" be added as a "School/Period" in its Poems/Poets page. In order for this to work, though, the Poetry Foundation would have to add the following poets not yet included on their website: alurista, Alberto "Lalo" Delgado, Jose Montoya, Raul Salinas, Luis Omar [...] by

my poetry books April 11, 2011: I think Rocky says this about Adrian: She's got gaps. I got gaps. Together we fill gaps. Or something like that. Happy National Poetry Month, Harriet Readers! I would like to celebrate this month by taking an inventory of the contemporary poetry books I have in my home. I didn't realize how intimate this list would be. But here it goes. I used to [...] by

I saved my most impersonal post for last. April 30, 2010: He came to live with his brother. He has a very big dog. He knows how to ride a bike. He wanted to find a job. He wanted to talk to his boss. He went to the post office. His wife is at work right now. His wife worked in the house. I am too busy to talk today. I bought a blue car today. I came to _______ (city) today for my interview. I count the [...] by

SB 1070 April 26, 2010: I. Dear President Obama, I write to ask that you take immediate action to (1) defend the people of Arizona and (2) reform immigration policy pursuant to your existing authority as President of the United States. April 23rd was a sad day for Arizona and a terribly dangerous moment for the rest of our country. SB 1070 codifies hatred [...] by

Is the correct term April 25, 2010: Thanks to Jeffrey Mcdaniel for calling attention to the situation in Arizona.  And I believe he's right when he says, "Perhaps we poets need to be caretakers of the language around this subject: for example, illegal alien vs. illegal immigrant vs. undocumented migrant." Of course, this conversation has been going on for about four decades if [...] by

Poetry and Sports: Some Quotes April 24, 2010: I find some sports quotes just as poetic as some of my favorite poems. By "poetic," I don't mean "inspirational." Actually most of the quotes I'm interested in tend to be considered more infamous than inspirational. By "poetic," I mean there is something about the arrangement of the words that makes that quote memorable, lasting. I have always [...] by

Ode to my Running Shoes April 19, 2010: SLC Sole Team The running joke in our running group, the SLC Sole Team, is the pun on sole/soul. So I tell my solemates, "You must be tired because you've been running through my mind all day." The SLC Sole Team is a response to the UC system budget crisis. In the face of budget cuts, the staff of the Student Learning Center at UC Berkeley has [...] by

4B4V: metrical radiology April 17, 2010: "By choosing among texts that range metrically from the straightforward to the intricate, you can sharpen your skill at taking an x-ray of the architecture of verse.  This inner structure arises from the interplay of meter (the bones of a poem) with rhythm (its flesh); of abstracted, regular pattern with the pulse of felt, voiced meaning." My [...] by

Salud, Poeta April 12, 2010: 1. Thus the cup is to Dionysus as the shield to Ares. The cup may, therefore, be called 'the shield of Dionysus,' and the shield 'the cup of Ares.' (Aristotle, trans. S. H. Butcher) 2. "It is for this reason that an intoxicated man can produce so comical an impression, because he expresses a contradiction in his movements. The eye [...] by