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Letters from Lost & Found August 31, 2012: All those poets' papers, folders, and manuscripts filed by the foot in college and university libraries all over the US, now have an avenue of escape and rebirth with the publication of a series of chapbooks edited by students in the English Program at the Graduate Center at the City University of New York. And it is the correspondence, [...] by

The Community of THE CURRICULUM OF THE SOUL August 28, 2012: In San Francisco in 1957 when I was first "coming of age" in poetry, Joe Dunn gave me a copy of Poetry New York #3, which contained Charles Olson's "Projective Verse." I had questions then about how to structure my words on the page. From then on, "Projective Verse" became my constant meditative text. I found comfort in the dense [...] by

Richard Brautigan August 9, 2012: Jubilee Hitchhiker, the big biography of Richard Brautigan was published last April by Counterpoint Press, in Berkeley. William Hjortsberg, the author and a novelist himself, is also a character in the narrative, referring to himself in the third person. The biography covers the beginning of Richard's life in Tacoma, Washington, and up to and [...] by

Exciting and Simple: Lew Welch, William Carlos Williams, and Gertrude Stein August 6, 2012: City Lights Books has just reissued Lew Welch's Collected Poems, Ring of Bone, with a cover photo of Lew taken in 1965 by his old friend the photographer "Steamboat" Jim Hatch. City Lights has been distributing Grey Fox Press books, published by Don Allen, since Don Allen's death in 2004 (Grey Fox was the original publisher of Ring of [...] by