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Journal, Day Five March 17, 2006: I don’t crawl the web very much, unlike, I think, a lot of younger poets I know. I don’t get much pleasure from it, though it’s proven a convenient tool for looking stuff up. And I’ve only poked around on the blogs. Ron Silliman has a good one, what an astonishing amount of energy he must have! The one website I feel I’ve really learned [...] by

Journal, Day Four March 16, 2006: Watching late night television last week, I came across that ridiculous movie, Twister—the screenplay could’ve been written by a computer, circa 1980—but was struck by the brief scene of a woman alone in bed reading Robert Pinsky’s translation of Dante’s Inferno—anyone familiar with this edition would recognize it from afar, by virtue [...] by

Journal, Day Three March 15, 2006: Unfinished business. Something I left out of the essay on the “Best Of” anthologies (elsewhere on this site) significant to the argument about canon formation: that when it comes to contemporary poetry, what looks like a pure exercise of taste and historical perception is often contingent upon rights and permissions. The publisher gives the [...] by

Journal, Day Two March 14, 2006: For about 15 years after graduating from college, I went to just about every poetry reading I could, which in the Bay Area (where I was enrolled in graduate school) was considerable. Now I hardly go to any. Not many actual voices I feel the need to hear. I’d rather stay at home and read the poems out loud to myself, sub-vocalize, remain in [...] by

Journal, Day One March 13, 2006: Wondering about the apparent appetite for the endless voluminous discourse around poetry. Poems are difficult, but what is called poetics seems easy. I’m sympathetic to the commenter on Beckman’s blog (on this site) who asked why real politics drops away in the concerns of contemporary poetry, eclipsed by interest in the politics of poetics. [...] by