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Journal, Day Five April 28, 2006: I woke up this morning thinking about Bach. About the fact that he had all these commissions and composed sublime music, often music-to-order. Maybe he didn’t always feel inner necessity. He was brilliant anyway. And here’s an e-mail I got today: I saw your blog on the Poetry Foundation website today in which you mentioned poets [...] by

Journal, Day Four April 27, 2006: I checked out the article yesterday’s commenter recommended (online at rocksaltplum.com). Think I'll leave alone The State of Contemporary Poetry, except for any previous comments. Or, maybe not. Qualification: I suppose I meant really, in my previous post, that poetry has been hijacked sometimes by the intellectualizers. And just as much by [...] by

Journal, Day Three April 26, 2006: Where I'm Writing From Thanks to the people who commented. I was sitting here feeling like I didn’t really want to think, or talk, about poetry today. Poetry, that is, as words on a page. Then I thought, well, if we think poetry is words on the page, we’re missing the essence. I mean, we call poetry Poetry because it is a way to get close [...] by

Journal, Day Two April 25, 2006: Here’s something that surfaced in my reading today: “Power presents only the falsified, official sense of words; in a manner of speaking it forces them to carry a pass, determines their place in the production process (where some of them conspicuously work overtime) and gives them their paycheck . . . Poetry is becoming more and more clearly [...] by

Journal, Day One April 24, 2006: I’m doing this on Sunday for my first post Monday morning. I was saying yesterday on my own site that I was resisting writing, that it felt like work, while playing my harmonica was, well, play. Then I was driving back from running (usually I do gym stuff because I get shin splints from running, but today I just wanted to run & be outside, & it [...] by