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Kismetly I Rear and Wonder February 14, 2014: Kristen Stewart is hardly the first celebrity to write and share her poetry—count James Franco, Jewel, Tupac Shakur, Jimmy Carter and Ally Sheedy among her various forebears—but she might be the first whose poetry has caused so many contemporary poets to sit up so quickly and take notice. Joyelle McSweeney and I both leapt to her immediate [...] by

Kazim Not I am Kazim Knot Cosmonaut I am Naught Not I am a Kazimnaut January 31, 2014: [caption id="attachment_80668" align="alignright" width="500"] Bas-relief representing the Descent of the Ganges or the Arjuna's Penance, Mahabalipuram, India[/caption] The stars we see exist in different space than we do, their well-known patterns and mythical associations dependent on our relationship to them, but also of course in a [...] by

There Are More Cells in One Human Body Than There Are Stars in the Universe January 29, 2014: The body is a way of understanding the universe and so the universe must be a way of understanding the body. In either case, the deepest thinking about either is less as a scientist and more as a poet. The intuitive leaps that quantum physics and particle physics and theoretical physics make about the nature of reality, are nothing less than [...] by

There are Crystals in Stone and Pressure in Snow So Are Snow and Stone the Same January 27, 2014: [caption id="attachment_80440" align="alignright" width="500"] Photo by Tanya Rosen-Jones[/caption] As snow falls again thickly out the window I wonder twice. First that it is a wonder at all that it snows in the winter, so quickly and fully have I adjusted to the new reality of climate change, though that it should have snowed so well in early [...] by

Climb Up Sure But Do You Know Where You Are Going January 22, 2014: [caption id="attachment_80172" align="alignright" width="500"] Barnett Newman: “The Stations of the Cross.”[/caption] Israeli settlers are apparently entering the grounds of the Temple Mount and climbing on top of the structure of the Dome of the Rock. When I went to Israel, we entered the grounds through various of the gates in the [...] by

Silver Road of Devotion So Shorely Shown January 15, 2014: [caption id="attachment_79928" align="alignright" width="500"] Ink drawing by Liz Morrison.[/caption] Thinking about the long winters of my childhood in the Canadian North reminds me of how much we loved the summers, spent every minute on the playground outside the school. For some reason we would pour sand down the slide making it more [...] by

Tell Me Again Polar Vortex How Bodies Change Into Other Bodies January 9, 2014: And these days anyhow I am reminded more often that usual about my cold childhood in Jenpeg, Manitoba. The cold polar air crashes down the latitudes to meet us! Normally it circles the pole but because of the warming Arctic Ocean it presses southwards. I don’t know much about science but I know this snowy friend is the tail end of a [...] by

My Letter to the World Is a Body but What Is It Made of and How Does It Sound January 6, 2014: When you wrote a letter—out by hand—you pressed your pen into the page, you hoped some energy into it. You folded it, you put it in an envelope, you sealed it. You stamped it and you sent it. And who knows who will respond. In Urdu time is weirdly ambiguous and flexible: the day for “yesterday” and the day for “tomorrow” is the [...] by

If Time and Space Both Bend Then Who am I January 2, 2014: January is a month with two faces. In 1953 Yoko Ono wrote her first score, called SECRET PIECE. It consisted of one line of typescript: “Decide on the one note you want to play. Play to the following accompaniment: The woods from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. in summer.” Below, on a musical staff along with two quarter notes was handwritten, “with [...] by

Journal, Day Five April 7, 2006: Poetry and Silence When one speaks, who answers back? What is a question in a poem? Sometimes I think there should be no answer—not that silence is the answer, but the gesture of the question is the point. God’s silence ceases to be troubling—spiritually or politically—if one views wondering this way. It’s not reassuring. It’s a [...] by